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Large battle in need of PBEM testing


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I have a large or huge H2H scenario that is in the need of testing, Russian breakthrough vs. joint Ukrainian and US forces. The map is 2.7 x 2.1 km^2. On the unit scale it starts as a company vs company or so affair, which I'd rate as medium complexity, and in the end there will probably be a battalion or more on each side. "Probably" because many of the starting units may well be dead or useless by then. :) I have allotted 3 hours to the battle but it could be over in 2 hours. These are things that need to be learned through a play test.


What I need is 2 or 4 players willing to duke it out via PBEM. Or TCP/IP if that's your cup of tea, who am I to judge. I hope you understand that as this hasn't been tested H2H there are no guarantees of a proper balance yet, although I can promise you that both sides will have the tools to knock the other guy's teeth in. It's the timing and other factors that I'm concerned about. Above all I'm interested in your findings after the first hour of fighting.


Post any questions and/or your interest in assisting here or PM me!

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BTR: traditionally you exchange files by e-mail but nowadays a preferred method is to use www.dropbox.com to automatically share files. You install their client and then you and your opponent share a folder that is automatically synced when one submits a new turn. This is made even easier if you install H2H Helper, it automates the moving files from CM PBEM folder to the dropbox folder and tracks whose turn is it anyway, passwords and such.


I have attached the scenario below here. Chaos, it's probably simpler if you set it up and just tell BTR what to do to get started. :)

Three Billy Goats Gruff 2.zip

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The link to CM Helper is the old version.  I'll try to find the new one unless Green as Jade beats me to it. 


I also have turn management program: Whose Turn Is It? - link in my sig (both a PC and a Mac version)


Edit that was harder than I thought.  Looks like the correct link to CMHelper is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jvh9sx2zla2k0eq/S6LZaVAw_7

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