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  1. Had u try with cm afganistan as name for sf2
  2. Take a look at Nivida GTX 1050ti there are a few thats dont need power supply connector, but make sure u PCI slots gives the right power.
  3. I played 2 hours without any problems in Iron mode.
  4. Can u upload the map so we can try it. ?
  5. DO u play the battle in Iron mode ? If u do it too big try to set it to ELITE
  6. Hi How do i fire only the main gun without also useing the ATGM, when i use normal target the gunner pops up and reload the ATGM and get killed. when target briefly only the MG fire.
  7. Hi. If u run a big battle in Iron u will see bad FPS, so try to run the game in Elite and see what happen.
  8. i have all options on in both modes and running at max setings.
  9. Its this map can u try it and see if its only me and my Pc https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wxjlyx6vu7rg4y/CW_Schmiedestahl_v1.btt?dl=0
  10. Hi When i trun on Iron mode the game go to a werry low FPS. But i only have to set it to Elite and i have fine FPS Any ideas whats happen ?
  11. HI Any up to play random quick battles. i take the Red side I use CM Helper and dropbox Pm me with email.
  12. fix the problem, a new install get it to work
  13. Hi I have a mod that should remove the background sound but i cant get it to work, i made a folder Z under data folder, is that right ?
  14. yep thats right, this is 2 time it happen for me, and hope the can fix it for 4.0
  15. Hi I had a small problem with a At gun, is there a fix for it ?
  16. Hi my game stops at 30 % when i try to run a 14.8 mb file. i run at the lowest setings and no mods. if i try a small file its load just fine. what to do ?
  17. ok will resend the link to drop box, sorry to hear about u computer
  18. yep i like to play, i waiting for u turn for 54 days
  19. version 1.62 dont see black sea version 1,03
  20. hi the cm helper can not remember my dropbox with Black sea, all ohter games is fine.
  21. iam in for a PBEM. can do a turn pr day, use H2hh and drop box.
  22. Its can be done, u need a hex editor and change a number link : http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117232-how-to-use-maps-from-one-base-game-to-another-base-game/
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