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Recommended campaign theater maps for long running multiplayer game?

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Hi all, 

So a bunch of friends and I have decided to try a long running campaign war using CMBN as the battle piece, and another piece of theater software to track large troop movements, (battalions, etc) over larger areas.  Then, when the units meet on the map, we would engage in the battles using CMBN.  There would be two teams of players, each player would be assigned a unit type perhaps (like one player is in charge of only armor, another is in charge of only mechanized infantry, etc) and when placing orders, each person on a team issues orders to only their units.

Anyways, not to get too detailed in that area, my main question is:  Do any of you have a recommended piece of software that would work great for the larger theater map for a game like this?  Think something like the Total War series, where you have the actual map of Europe, but when the battles happen, you would get down into the nitty gritty battle which would be CMBN.


Thanks in advance!

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May want to decide first where you think you want the campaign to run and scale. For example you could fight a campaign just based on some of the airborne drops over a 2 day period versus trying to redo all of Normandy. Your decisions will likely carry more weight then as well.

Broadsword used the St Lo board game and that did work very well.

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