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Yeah, the Russian idea of smoke dischargers is that they are intended to be used offensively, so they chuck their smoke grenades far ahead to allow the vehicle to advance through the smoke, almost like an impromptu smoke barrage. This can be an advantage if you have vehicles far to the rear of your troops - once you know what to expect of course.

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In the first mission of the Russian campaign, I parked my BMPs out of enemy LOS behind a dip in the terrain and fired my smoke over the dip and down into a large wooded area on a reverse slope where I thought the enemy might be hiding. Then, I sent in infantry with RPGs with my tanks in overwatch. Their LOS began just beyond the reverse slope trees. Well, as soon as my infantry entered the now smoke-filled tree area, I got vehicle contacts fleeing from the trees away from me.


My overwatch tanks then took out a couple of very juicy targets running away.


That was a keeper tactic and I love that Russian smoke!

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I didn't lose any guys in that maneuver. I kept them back until after the smoke was in place. I learned my lesson in the Vierville scenario in CMBN way back when. I lost about 8 guys when I ran them into my own dropping smoke. Since then, I've always been very careful!


I'm not sure exactly what the enemy vehicles reacted to. There may have been a trigger there, or it may have been the TacAI on its own reacting to my close units and/or smoke.

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