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  1. Hi Dragon, I'm interested too, if you dont mind . Thanks.
  2. Oh, Looks great for sure !!! Thanks for sharing !
  3. Yes Mvp, I mean suppressors For mines and SF jump ability, on reflexion, it seems to be bad ideas , you're right. Militia would be a great add to the game, as much as brit/fr/ger troops.
  4. I tried US and russian UAV, and never obtain any spot from them, in campaign, scenario or QB mode. I remember Chris said they were not very active on infantry units, especially in forest or structures, but If Chris (or a beta tester) can help us to understand how they really work. It's about ten games played and no spot, it seems I'm not bright with them .
  5. Thanks Bil, I go right away to read it First ukrainian mission accomplished within 19 minutes left, 8 kills suffered, 2 BTR destroyed and a tank canon out . Russians surrendered, only ten alive...
  6. Thanks Agusto ! Your comment is great help ! Another question within: what about artillery ? If you don't move your troops, they are vulnerable to "free" artillery shots ...When " tactic rules" decides it's better to move ? I saw ChrisND nice AAR video but I don't to be too guided by knowing enemy positions or other helps. I wanna evolve tactically. Pleasure is always here, but evolve is my reward .
  7. Very nice one for sure. You can find an AAR here : (BIG SPOILERS INSIDE ^^)
  8. Hi, This topic is about tactics and questions they bring with them. My first question is about tactical runnings in long and flat fields like ukrainian first campaign mission. => Observation is always a key for victory and be the first to see is most of the time to be the first to kill but on this ground, they can see us coming, => We've got 2 major AoA easily identifiable for enemy. => We face covers and concealments but we haven't much in return... Not so many obstacles .... So, how do you tactically proceed to advance in such situation. documentation, links and examples are of course welcome . Thank you for helping others players (and me for sure ) to better understand the tactical mechanized (or not) infantry issues.
  9. Wow Waclaw !!! Thanks for your work for the community !
  10. Hello IanL, I'm very thankful to you for you answer, I'll go quickly to see that.
  11. Yes Kieme, a module (CMSF NATO like) with France as main new country force would be cool. France is involved in a lot of military operations at this time.
  12. Same here, can't dl anything. Try to install dropbox (2go free) and send us dropbox links or shared folder. Beutiful work, I'm impatient to test them
  13. Very important ! Planning and choose action/retreat path is definitively part of victory without too many casualties.
  14. Hello, If you have ideas of what you want in future add-ons of CMBS, put it here to help battlefront to choose . Personally, => 1vs1 campaigns, but I understand it's a very difficult task to implement such a thing in the game. => Engineers who could deploy mines on battlefield => Special Forces which special abilty would be to be deployed in a field outside the inital blue or red zone ( as if they were dropped to it) => Units with silent weapons (difficult to implement too) Have a nice day. Dams
  15. Thanks for the intel Raptor, it can be helpful, as Cpl Steiner said, or deadly, as I would have discover at my first try .
  16. After a lost scenario, I take a coffee ! And then, I try to understand how I can be so bad tactician and poor commandant . Later, I come back on this scenario and I put the bar higher , aiming for the overwhelming victory before dying again and again .
  17. Hello, where do everyone (on this forum) go to find partners for their multiplayer games ?
  18. I'm sure I'll love to play all factions, and it would be a waste (for me^^) no to test all
  19. Have you ever played PBEM Abattoir666 ? Are you french (or french speaker ? If you wanna play (Kraft or Abattoir), let's exchange e-mail by MP. Hope to "have at you" soon
  20. Hi Kraft, I'm from Europe, I've also never played multiplayer in CM games. I play Turn Based too, Veteran or Elite is OK for me. I don't know how PBEM games are played, if you want to test with me, it will be a pleasure
  21. I forgot a question, sorry for the double post ! Vein, have you got any uniform modding previewed in your bag ?
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