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"NFL 2015" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL


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Oh, c'mon it's funny...


What's really annoying are the Seahawk players.  At a certain point, it's hard to listen to their angry "Nobody Believes In Us!" shtick and keep a straight face. Who really doubted them this season? This is a defending Super Bowl champion we're talking about. 



One thing was certain after the Seattle Seahawks' miraculous comeback victory Sunday: Despite owning a Super Bowl ring, receiver Doug Baldwin still carries around a Lombardi-sized chip on his shoulder.


After helping fuel an overtime victory, the wideout, known as "Angry Doug" by teammates, delivered an intense message for the "doubting" media.

"When we were 3-3, everyone counted us out. Y'all didn't believe in us," he continued, walking back and forth in front of about 30 reporters. "A whole bunch of people thought we weren't going to make it. At 6-4, it was, 'Ah, that's OK. They have a winning record, but they aren't going to make the playoffs.'"Are you ready for this?" Baldwin screamed outside the team's locker room, per ESPN.com. "Are you? How many of you doubted us? How many of you doubted us when we were 3-3? Y'all, I want you to write this down. Write this down, OK?

"At 16-0 at the half (Sunday), how many of y'all counted us out? How many of y'all doubted us?"


Nobody underestimated you, Doug! Shut-up! Get a grip!

You and the rest of your teammates need to be forcibly sedated.

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oh stop the Pats didnt cheat. Watching something that is available to anyone is not cheating? Reviewing other teams tactics during games isnt cheating. Come on will ya.. I could see if it was proven theyd paid refs, or REALLY cheated but that whole videotaping games thing is a joke and really is just envy.  And lets say it was cheating, can anyone here say that Brady is not definitively ONE OF THE BEST QBS OF ALL TIME? Or that Boston, which spends a lot of money true, but nearly as much as NYC, has probably the best multisports runs in US history ? 00's - present?

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As a former East-coaster I've always admired the Patriots and Tom Brady. And I find the Seahawks' boastfulness and persecution complex uniquely obnoxious.They've also lead the league in penalties for the past two years. I want them to lose. However this article is troubling:




The author, Warren Sharp, alleges using sabermetrics that the benefits of an under-inflated ball don't lie in the the passing aspect but in other worldly ball control. Beginning in 2007 the Patriots' low rate of fumbles and fumbles lost surpass  every non-dome team by a wide margin. The softer ball enables players to grip better. He cites the probability of this statistical occurrence as 1 in 16,0000 plus.


The 2014 Patriots were just the 3rd team in the last 25 years to never have lost a fumble at home!  The biggest difference between the Patriots and the other 2 teams who did it was that New England ran between 150 and 200 MORE plays this year than those teams did in the years they had zero home fumbles, making the Patriots stand alone in this unique statistic.

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Deflate-a-ball: The gift that keeps on giving!



PHOENIX -- Former NFL quarterback Jeff Blake says he oversaw the deflation of footballs on the sideline right before games during his career. Speaking on "The Midday 180" out of Nashville, Blake said the practice was common.


[+] Enlargenfl_u_blake_300x300.jpg
Bruce Kluckhohn/USA TODAY SportsJeff Blake played for seven NFL teams, including the Bears during his final season (2005).


"I'm just going to let the cat of the bag, every team does it, every game, it has been since I played," Blake said. "'Cause when you take the balls out of the bag, they are rock hard. And you can't feel the ball as well. It's too hard. Everybody puts the pin in and lets just enough air out of the ball that you can feel it a little better. But it's not the point to where it's flat.

"So I don't know what the big deal is. It's not something that's not been done for 20 years."

Many other NFL quarterbacks have said the opposite, that they've never messed with the inflation of a ball or seen anyone do so. The topic has come to the forefront with the New England Patriotsbeing investigated by the NFL due to allegations the team used underinflated footballs in the first half of the AFC Championship Game against theIndianapolis Colts.

Asked to be specific about the timing of deflation, Blake said it regularly happened as soon as quarterbacks got the balls before the game.

"As soon as they give them the balls," Blake said. "On the sideline before the game. The quarterbacks would come out to warm up in pregame ... I would just say, 'Take a little bit out, it's a little bit hard.' And then they'd take a little bit out and I'd squeeze them and say 'That's perfect.' That's it."

Blake played for seven teams in 13 seasons, starting 100 games. His longest tenure was six seasons with Cincinnati.

His last year was 2005, so during his career when his team was on the road, Blake would not have handled the footballs until pregame.

In 2006, NFL quarterbacks successfully got the NFL to change the rules and allow each team to provide its own balls for games, which would then be turned over to officials before the game.


But his one HELPS the Patriots. Everybody does it!


My personal take: there was no conspiracy. All QBs are picky about their footballs. Brady's preference for a softer pigskin was well known. Proactive NE ball boys took the initiative to supply the QB with a sympatico product.

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There's a lot more to claims against the Patriots for cheating than Deflategate, and the NFL brass apparently have been directly involved in suppressing it! Please see especially the italicized area. 

SI: Patriots’ reputation of espionage sent opposing NFL teams into state of paranoia


(Fair Use)

"ESPN’s Outside the Linesreported Tuesday that Spygate went much deeper than originally thought. Also on Tuesday, Sports Illustratedreported the Patriots’ reputation of espionage sent the majority of NFL teams into a paranoia over the course of the last decade.

Nineteen teams took special measures against the Patriots to protect against potential spying, members of those organizations told SI, in the wake of new findings by Outside the Lines regarding the team’s 2007 Spygate scandal

Low-level staffers were sent into opposing teams’ hotels and locker rooms to steal playsheets and gameplans, numerous former Patriots coach and employees told ESPN’s Don Van Natta and Seth Wickersham. 

Additionally, former St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz said he was pressured by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to say he was “satisfied’’ with the league’s Spygate report exonerating the Patriots — in order to avoid a federal investigation — despite his suspicions New England has filmed his team prior to the Super Bowl in 2002.

Goodell ultimately fined the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick, and docked the team a first-round draft pick, but strangely had all video evidence in the Spygate investigation physically destroyed (via an actual stomping by league executives in a Gillette Stadium office)."

That article was triggered by this one which appeared in SI. About the only time I see SI is if I'm in the waiting room at some sort of health related office. It so happens I saw this particular battered 2015 issue in 2016 and read the referenced article, which is below. I  don't really follow sports, but it sure got my attention. 

Suspicions of Bill Belichick's Patriots regime persist among opponents

(Fair Use)

"At various times over the last decade, at least 19 NFL franchises took precautions against the Patriots that they didn’t take against any other opponent, people who worked for those teams told SI. Those concerns have not waned in the eight years that have passed since the Spygatescandal. The list of safeguards is long and varied. Teams commonly clear out trash cans in their hotel meeting rooms in New England because they believe the Patriots go through them. One longtime head coach said he ran fake plays in his Saturday walkthroughs at Gillette Stadium because he thought the Patriots might be spying on his team. Another team has taken things further: It fled Gillette and found a different place to practice, and on game day it piled trunks of equipment against the double doors in the back of the visitors’ locker room so nobody could get in. That same team kicked the visiting locker room manager out of the office he occupies near the clubhouse.

In September 2007 the Patriots were found to have illegally videotaped Jets coaches during a game, something opposing teams had caught them doing at least twice previously. The NFL fined Belichick $500,000, the organization $250,000 and took away a first-round draft choice—and long-held suspicions about the Patriots cheating under Belichick were legitimized. Whispers about their activities became a year-round conversation throughout the NFL. Belichick’s coaching brilliance has never been in dispute—his ability to prepare and adapt are legendary. But he is not trusted. Even in a league filled with coaches who cover their mouths with call sheets and guard injury reports like nuclear codes, many teams view the Patriots as willing to cross lines others won’t.

You could say the rest of the NFL is paranoid, and you might be right. What’s not debatable is that New England, because of that lack of trust, is inside opponents’ heads, forcing other teams to devote time, brainpower and resources to protecting themselves. Teams wonder why ball boys in Foxborough seem to stand closer to opposing coaches than they do anywhere else. It is common for opposing teams to have an employee guard their locker room all day when they visit Foxborough, something they rarely do for other road games. One team that played there in recent years put a padlock on the doors when it arrived on the Saturday before a game. The Patriots threatened to call the fire chief. When the visiting team challenged them to do it, the Pats backed down and the padlock remained. “There has never been a time when we have knowingly allowed a team to padlock doors,” says Patriots spokesman Stacey James. “That’s a fire code violation.”

Some of the security measures are small. It is standard NFL practice for home teams to help unload equipment from buses, but one AFC team won’t let the Patriots do it. Other precautions are extreme: At least five teams have swept their hotels, locker rooms or coaches’ booths in New England for listening devices, sometimes hiring outside professionals. None have been found."

As far as I'm concerned, videoing actual games is fair and entirely within the canon of of ethics, morals and good sportsmanship. When it gets to the point where a coach is running not one, but a slew of intelligence operations; when he has people surveilling practices by rival teams, stealing materials from their hotel rooms and locker rooms, trawling trash and the like; when teams have to run expensive sweeps against bugs and guard their locker rooms rigorously, then I maintain all three above have not merely been violated but openly flouted. The coach responsible shouldn't be fined, but publicly exposed and banned for life. Pete Rose, recall, had that done to him and was removed from the Baseball Hall of Fame for gambling, not the kinds of things Bill Bellichick has clearly been guilty of. Have to say I'm horrified, but not surprised, the NFL would not only hide but outright destroy the evidence of his systematic wrongdoings. Why not surprised? Because the Patriots under Bellichick give the NFL a huge draw live and in broadcast, creating tons of money. Ultimately, the league is about that, and the people who run it will mouth sportsmanship and the like but are really prostitutes in sharp suits!


John Kettler 

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9 hours ago, John Kettler said:

Have to say I'm horrified, but not surprised, the NFL would not only hide but outright destroy the evidence of his systematic wrongdoings. Why not surprised? Because the Patriots under Bellichick give the NFL a huge draw live and in broadcast, creating tons of money. Ultimately, the league is about that, and the people who run it will mouth sportsmanship and the like but are really prostitutes in sharp suits!

Large—not to say huge—sums of money spoil most things, professional sports not excluded. Wherever big bucks appear, a Mafia-type mentality is seldom far behind.


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