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Props to the British Paras

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Red Thunder may be the hot ticket these days, but you're missing out if you ignore Market Garden.

Been playing h2h and I have to say the British Paras are some tough hombres. I've play as the Paras and against them and they do not break easily-even when the odds are heavily stacked against them and you/they know they are going to lose.

I've literally wiped out entire Para forces on the map as the Germans. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

Being a player with an Asiatic mindset of fighting to the last man in h2h the Paras will rarely let you down. It's actually enjoyable inflicting heavy damage on the Nazi-even if you know you're going to lose.

I've had battles where I was out numbered 3-1 and towards the end when I was down to the bottom of the barrel and saying "how many more freaking SS troops does my opponent have", yet my last Paras chopped down the attackers and obediently follow my orders and can pull off a victory or draw. I've had my opponents single Para with a Sten mow down my troops and say WTF that can't be, but then playing as the Paras I've seen a lone Para who was the lone survivor of a section with a sten mow down 5 or 6 Germans and then go out looking for more. You usually won't get that sort of dedication from many of your other pixel troopen as they tend to break far more easily. They are not supermen and can be broken, but they also seem very resilient.

The one thing you have to be constantly aware of is ammo for the Stens and less importantly the 303 for the Brens, cause once you're out of nine mm the party's over.

Much of the terrain is very well suited for the Paras. If you have a go down with the ship or Alamo mindset some of the unbalanced MG battles are very fun to play as the British-even h2h.

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The one thing you have to be constantly aware of is ammo for the Stens ..., cause once you're out of nine mm the party's over.

I concur tough is for sure and yes, the party is over once you are out of 9mm. I have a feeling that if the game simulated knife fighting they would keep going though:)

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I think Small-Arms in general is alittle over-modeled...It's no wonder a couple of SMG's can mow down a Squad in a minute.

Unfortunately, it's probably due to the lack of micro-management for the the AI due to Game Engine limitations.

Nah, if Grenades throwing is abstracted, then it must be the same for a "Knife Fight"...


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Yeah, and they are like that in real life too.

I served in the 82d Airborne, and had some contact with British Paras, and spent a month with the Canadian Parachute Regt when it still existed. Outstanding troopers, all of them. You want them on YOUR side :-)

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