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Tanks with riding infantry: no automatic dismounting

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Nope working as expected. My understanding - after having similar comments - is that the Soviet tactic for tank riding was to ride the tanks into the enemy lines and then dismount. At which point they will be very close to the enemy and their SMGs will make a nice big hole in the defenses.

If they dismount just because several of them are hit or they are uncomfortable they will end up out in the open unable to finish of their enemy and die where they dropped off.

This is not ideal behaviour for casually riding a tank instead of walking. So, if that is your goal you need to dismount them your self when contact is iminent.

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tank riding is not for the faint hearted, it isn't just a taxi ride. if you have not suppressed the defense you are pretty much dead meat. if in doubt you better have them dismount. adding the feature was specifically done for these guys so they behavior is crafted based on the goal of being able to emulate this tactic. Troops dropping off if they receive any fire would defeat the whole point.

If you are using the tank rider function for anything else (increased mobility for standard troops) then you will have to make sure you don't take them into enemy LOF before dismounting.

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What would be realistic is if tank riders dismounted under heavy fire then closely followed their tank using it to shield them from the direction of incoming fire.

In Tac-Ai terms the tank riders coming under fire heavy enough to cause suppression would automatically dismount but still be linked to their tank by a yet unwritten "follow close" routine until ordered to remount or move independently.

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