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  1. hehehe...hints to scenario creators Always first put a two story building in your map
  2. maybe everyone would have to try your test scenario before saying that his rig is working
  3. you're right it looks like it depends on scenario creation...weird
  4. tried second time scenario Red Hordes integrated graphics card Intel HD 3000 they go indoors
  5. hey men I tried this notebook Hp Pavilion dv7 Windows 7 64bit SP1 intel Core i5 RAM 8 GB two graphics processors Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 2GB (no go in buildings) integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 (they go in buildings)
  6. in the setup phase infantry can occupy buildings
  7. the same damned bug here in german campaign notebook Hp Pavilion dv7 Windows 7 64bit SP1 intel Core i5 RAM 8 GB Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 2GB
  8. German campaign: First Mission Well it definitely seems that German infantry doesn't want to enter buildings Am I missing something?
  9. well....battle The Passage my tanks with riding infantry are at 1200mts from Germans the tank fires its main gun at German tanks I think that infantry would have to automatically dismount, apart from any tactics you are thinking of
  10. I noticed that riding infantry doesn't automatically dismount when the tank fires its gun Is this correct?
  11. Marco Bergman, I love you hope your health is fine
  12. I mean this mb-cmfi-altsil-v2 anyway where this JuJU's mod?
  13. also in A Moment in Time campaign: sailor units with no portrait btw which thread?
  14. Schrullen....smuack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I tried a file ticket with CMBN+CW module and I got a server error with a request addtional activation key I uninstalled CMBN+CW module I bought CMBN-CW Bundle I installed it I'm sure to use the CMBN-CW Bundle serial number Now I try to activate it, but I get a message like All activation keys already used Anyway manhy thanks Phil
  16. I filed a ticket...I used it...I got an internal failure on the server Then I just bought a CW bundle in addition to my previous CMBN and CW module I installad the bundle, I activated the new key and I got an internal failure on the server well I'm just bored of all this I would like that this activation procedure would not bew so cumbersome I am a Battlefront customer since 1999...just thinking to leave the community
  17. I disinstalled CMBN and there was no automatic unlicensing So this used up all my activation keys No possibility of this as in CMSF The standard way to unlicense your game is via the Unlicense link located in the Start>Programs Group that is created during the game's installation. Click on Start->Programs then locate where you have installed your game (e.g. Battlefront>Combat Mission Shock Force). You will find a link called "Unlicense" either on the root level or within a sub-directory inside the game link folder.
  18. Well...I got my Ticket ID from License Activation Dept And now?
  19. I had to reinstall CMBN and CW twicw, but now I get a messagge that my license keys are used. What have I to do now?
  20. Unfortunately I use Vista 32 bit...anyway I tried to load the unfamous Fire Brigade with success...I will see if I get a CTD during the game
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