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Help with Custom Textures


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Hello all

I am re skinning the US and the British Paratroopers and every skin I make it all turns out light blue or light green in game.

I have made lots of skin for other games and never had this problem.

I am using Gimp if that helps

not shore what is going on or what to do next.

Thanks Vincenzo :)



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If you can make the uniforms and faces more female as well, we could have a unit of schoolgirrrrls armed to the teeth.

lol, That is not the color I skinned the equipment, in game it shows up

like that, That is why I put the thread up for help and find out why

it shows up in the game with those colors.

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I am using Gimp if that helps...

I'm 100% positive this is a quirk of the color mechanism in GIMP. Whenever I use GIMP I get exactly the same result; some of the colors are blue-green.

It's simple to fix. Just open the images with another editing program, make an insignificant change to the color, then resave. I have a 10-year-old version of Photoshop I use for this.

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Again, check if you don't have any doubled texture files - maybe you expanded main game files or left any mod?

yeah I have checked over and over nothing, its probably a problem with Gimp so ill just get Photoshop.

Can someone give me the link to the right Photoshop that I need thanks.

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If you have been using Gimp, you might like to try Krita out (it is free) - http://krita.org/

If you want Photoshop, the latest version is CS6. You can either buy it outright or rent it on the Cloud. I believe future versions will only be available on the Cloud.

There are legacy versions of Photoshop CS2 kicking around as well. Last year Adobe 'sort of' released it as freeware. I'm not sure if you can still get it straight off Adobe's site (try to make your own ID at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?pid=4485850&e=cs2_downloads ) but you can get it elsewhere (e.g. http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html - but please do your own checking to make sure this site is safe). CS2 should be more than good enough to do textures.

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There are legacy versions of Photoshop CS2 kicking around as well. Last year Adobe 'sort of' released it as freeware.

Just to clarify there is no sort of about it. They did *not* release CS2 as freeware. What they did was release a version without DRM for use by those legally entitled to do so. In other words those that already had a license are the ones that are allowed to use the version without DRM. They did that so the could honor the life time license that those customer's bought and at the same time decommission their DRM servers.

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As I said, it's definitely a quirk with GIMP, but dumping GIMP over this is overkill, IMO. GIMP is really good and getting better all the time.

I am still going to keep GIMP to mod other games but I need Photoshop for this game.

Just another question with this game, when making new textures do I save it when done or export? (I don't think export because its already bmp, but just to be shore)

Thanks for the help :)

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