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Possible Bug? 60mm Mortar Ignores Fire order

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This is the second time I have seen this now and I think I now have a save file to show the issue.

60mm Mortar opens fire at open topped AFV.

I order it to fire at Infantry in open.

It ignores order and continues to fire at AFV and wastes the limited ammo load out.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour before?

I have seen it a few times in the Road to Nijmegen and campaign but not bothered to report it.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this feature at times.

This is crucial for the current scenario as I have limited inf trying to hold back German horde!!

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If the AFV is firing on the mortar, it doesn't seem beyond reason that the mortar might consider it a bigger threat than infantry who're still out of effective range, or aren't firing at the mortar. What soft factors does the mortar have? Is it under fire? How far away are the infantry targets?

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AFV not firing on Mortar, Mortar not under fire and hidden from view behind bocage with direct LOS to target I wanted it to fire at and also LOS to AFV.

It started firing at AFV after I set it up and continued to ignore target line set to where Infantry were.

Mortar vs Open Top AFV is just going to waste ammo IMO. And with 20 rounds and more juicy Infantry targets it should be going for those IMO.

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Holein, which mission were you playing when this happened? I bet we were playing the same one. I don't remember the name, but you have a couple platoons of US paratroopers that are retreating from a German attack. You're tasked with taking up position in a small town/compound of buildings to hold back the Germans until a third platoon arrives off your right flank and you have to exit all of your units off the map before being enveloped. There are several German armored vehicles/halftracks that draw the fire of the paratrooper mortars regardless of their target orders.

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One thing that is true is that small arms targeting priority for the TacAI puts unbuttoned vehicles right at the top of the list. This makes sense for even riflemen, in a wide variety of cases (and the ones where it doesn't, the rifles should probably have a CA to stop them shooting anyway). If that priority list somehow applies to mortars, it would explain the issue. Not that it makes any sense, since even a hit on the nose of a half track by a light mortar doesn't make it button... I wonder if there is some TacAI confusion going on. Another thread seems to suggest there have been changes in how troops respond to orders to fire at buttoned light AFVs; perhaps some files have been misassigned.

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Since I've been in a testing mood ( see MG not firing at HT thread ;) ) I ran a couple of very rough and ready tests on this too. I didn't know your ranges etc. Holien, so I just made up a test setup.

9 x 60mm mortars with infantry squad approx. 480m away. A buttoned Halftrack was placed about 550m away and separated from the infantry by about 100m.

All units had covered arcs to prevent initial firing.

On receiving TARGET command to fire at infantry, all mortars did so.

I'll rerun without arcs for the mortars to see if they will open up on the HT by themselves and/or then ignore TARGET, but for now, it looks like you had a fairly unique situation, Holien.

EDIT : The rerun without arcs on the mortars had the following result :

- Units that spotted the HT's but not the infantry, DID NOT fire at all.

- Units that spotted the HT's and then the infantry, did nothing until spotting the infantry, then opened fire on the infantry.

: I can't seem to replicate your experience, Holien, it must be dependant on range and/or something else.

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Thanks for running the tests and I will dig out the save file and do some screenies and see if I can get it to repeat from Save file.

FYI the mortar was behind hedge and no trees in way.

The Mission was the penultimate in RtN and a platoon is acting as road bump to German Battalion attack.

I have seen it before but this mission it was key and hence very annoying.

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The Mortar team had done some medic work during set up and I am wondering if picking up a LMG has affected some code, a very odd set of circumstances?

Any way found save file and I now need (Wife allowing) some time to re run action and see if I can get it to duplicate issue.

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OK managed to get some time on this and some odd behaviours. I can not as yet repeat what I saw but now I have seen more odd behaviour.

Looks like team gets in graphic glitch with aimer (not saying aiming) but jerky movements over mortar tube.

Panther turns up and without orders Mortar team open up on Panther and do get it to button but despite being buttoned continue to fire at Panther despite fleeting glimpses of Infantry targets.

I have Save file and can offer it up.

Managed to get team into same spot as before but as yet not same experience. So I un cancel target command to see if Mortar team will re fire at half track. They don't seems like they hit some sort of logic loop issue which if graphics tied to logic would explain jerky movement of aimer?

I am wondering if I re-do it and let them fire at halftrack to stage where they lock in, then that is when you fail to break them out with new target order? There is something odd happening and just finding the way to get code to follow that path so it can be understood by the code team...

Hmmmm (Play Hummer Park or more testing....)

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OK so one last test, I got mortar set up, same action spot slightly different team deployment and this time the team just loop and the aimer never goes into aim mode but is constantly jerking, as if turning wheels on right side of mortar.

I let that run for 5 turns plenty of Inf targets and can see halftrack but no fire, even at Panther when it shows up.

I then give target command and it breaks out of loop and fires. Some odd behaviour...

Again save file available.

Now to do Hummer park set up...

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