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No M44?


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They actually have a model of it but the weapon apparently didn't fall into general use until a bit later in the year. One of man many items that when we move into October and beyond in the modules will show up in the game. Rather like the Bulge title on the Western Front in that way.

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Yup, read several things which indicated that production/distribution issues kept it out of the front for our time period. Or more accurately, out of the front in any numbers worth mentioning.

Have you seen anything about what happened to the 50,000 'demo models' that were built in 1943? (of which I own one :D). I know they were sent to the front for evaluation in '43, but other than that I've not read much.

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Some were captured by Finnish army in 1944 - possibly in the battle of Ilomantsi where two Soviet divisions were surrounded. So they did make it to the front, but in how prevalent amount? I have no idea.

They certainly were there at the front, but in Finland they were very uncommon. Because of that, M44s with Finnish capture markings on them are very, very prized collectables among those who collect Mosins. I've only ever seen one on the various gun forums I read.

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