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PBEM question

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If I am starting a quick battle PBEM game with an opponent who does not have the MG module, and I have all the modules, how, exactly does that work? Do I have to be careful not to select troops that are exclusive to MG? Can I select a map that came with MG?

I've never had this come up before.

Thanks in advance.

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The easiest way to make sure the QB has only units that you both have is that your opponent without MG module generates the game.

I recommend that for sure - since it eliminates selecting maps or time frames that they cannot use etc. However it is still possible for the person with MG to select troops that will cause their opponent to not be able to open the return file.

I do not know of an easy way to be sure you select valid forces. If you run into a problem though you do *not* have to start over from nothing. Just select different forces again using the same turn you were last sent by your opponent.

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