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The forgotten battle for Overloon


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Just read about this battle in a book about Montys Ironsides, the 3rd infantry division. It was a brutal slogging match by all accounts. The US 7th got a real bloody nose with 38 tanks lost and near 500 casualties and was repulsed.

The British moved in with 3rd inf and Guards armoured backed up by 3 regiments of arty and slogged their way through the mud, extensive minefields and fanatical defence that they likened to the fighting against 12th SS before Caen.

One arty regiment pumped 9000 25lb shells alone!

The book has some maps and good write up if it helps your scenario design

Sounds a fierce fight!

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Hello Bram:

Seven years after you first posted regarding the creation of your scenario about de slag bij Overloon, I am wondering where, if at all, it might be possible for me to get a copy of that scenario or whatever particulars you have completed. As an Amsterdam born Dutch-Canadian I am interested in the Canadian activities in WWII in Nederland. My father-in-law (Scots-Canadian now in his 90's) was in the Canadian Black Watch in Nederland during WWII in '44-'45.

I have also contributed a few scenarios and mods, most recently 'Bloody Buron Overhaul'.

Thank you in advance.  (In ieder geval, bedankt al vast.)

Wim Oudshoorn (a.k.a. Kandu)

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