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Gun v Armor Tables?

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Hello all. I'm wondering if anyone has or has seen a simple table that shows the likelihood of a given weapon doing damage to a given armored vehicle. I asked this once before a long time ago and, while I appreciated those that took the time to answer, I mostly received very detailed armor penetration tables and the like. I simply don't have the time to make sense of them. I'm not much of a fan of the Close Combat series of games but I liked the little colored target icon that shows up when you try to target a vehicle. Green meant a good chance of damaging your target, yellow-avg, red-poor, black-none etc. The game also took into account frontal, flank and rear shots. Something with that level of simplicity would be hugely helpful to me. Thanks in advance if you can help!

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If there is something like that out there I have not seen it. Maybe someone made one for CMx1 way back when, but not that I recall. I think it would be difficult to do, and a lot of work since it's hard to reduce such a complex interaction of variables into a simple answer. The chance to do damage varies depending on which part of the vehicle is hit and what type of ammunition the shooter uses. Then you get into circumstantial variables such as how the target is oriented in relation to the shooter, which changes effective armor resistance. Then you add in hidden variables such as shatter gap on some Allied ammunition and reduced armor quality on some plates due to manufacturing flaws. And once you determine the chance of penetrating the various parts of the vehicle in that circumstance you need to factor in the relative odds of hitting those various parts.

The good news is that BFC is planning on introducing a new feature at some point that will do this in-game on the fly.

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Yes.. as CMx1 will provide you with in game data tables of armor and penetration for varios vehicles and weapons. The game will also give you a calculation guess of % to hit and likelyhood of doing damage agains given target. But it is cumbersome to do as you say..

Hope to see this back in CMx2 some day.

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