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Names all screwy after patch...

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Uninstall the old version of “Vin’s animated text” mod, and install the updated version for v1.11. It is now up at the repository. REMEMBER, unlike most other mods, this mod MUST be updated with each patch as it deals with the “string text” file of the game that changes with each patch.

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You should have the following brzs in your data file:

Fortress Italy v100A.brz

Fortress Italy v100B.brz

Fortress Italy v101.brz

Fortress Italy v110.brz

Fortress Italy v110A Gustav Line.brz

Fortress Italy v110B Gustav Line.brz

Fortress Italy v110C Gustav Line.brz

Fortress Italy v111.brz

Fortress Italy v112.brz

Also no 3rd party icons mods in your mods folder. At least until you're first sure the game is working properly then you can reinstall and see if they cause problems.

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Here are the instructions I got from Battlefront that fixed this problem for me:

> 1) Right-click on the CMBN application. Select "Show Package Contents".

> 2) In the window that pops up, right click on the Contents folder and select "Get Info".

> 3) In the Info window, click the lock in the lower right hand corner. Enter your password at the prompt. This should "open" the lock.

> (The permissions for Contents should look fairly normal.)

> 4) Click the gear button at the bottom of the Info window and select "Apply to enclosed items".

> 5) "Close" the lock. Close the Info window.

> 6) Try to run CMBN.

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