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Patches and Scenarios

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This really depends upon what is meant by 'update' the scenario. The only thing that can be altered in a scenario would be AI plans, maybe individual units might be added or deleted, maybe a building moved or something like that. These things are all independent of any engine improvements and the only way they might be altered is if the scenario designer went in and basically remade the scenario.

As far as game engine improvements go - well those apply to the scenarios just as they would to any other method of playing the game. Since the engine alterations don't have a direct impact on the AI plans etc, then I'm not really sure what the scenario designer is supposed to alter. The fact is that what is a difficult scenario to play for one person is a piece of cake for another person. There is no perfect scenario that is just right for everyone who plays the game, so if a game engine adjustment is made in a patch and the scenario plays out a little differently than it did before that might not have much of an effect for some players and a dramatic effect for others.

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Patches won't "break" a scenario--all scenarios remain playable--but a significant shift in the capability of a weapon can definitely change how a scenario plays out.

The only *major* performance shifts I can think of are the beefing up of MG suppression and stopping power in an earlier CMBN upgrade and (possibly) the changes to urban combat in Market-Garden. While these might unbalance certain scenarios, they don't render them unplayable. (Even the famous second mission in the Courage & Fortitude campaign, which became harder with the machine gun improvements, is still winnable.)

It's worth noting that changes to TO&E are not back-ported to earlier scenarios. Squad sizes and weapons allocations won't change even if the functioning of a particular weapon does.

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