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MG module..ruddy marvelous!

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I have to say this is my favourite module since the release of the Brit module for CMSF.

As I love Inf combat and house to house fighting this module shines.

After this release I now have no worries about how the game models City fighting..and the thought of Stalingrad scenarios in the future is very exciting indeed.

(though it has had a few more bugs than normal..though they will be fixed soon I'm sure)

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As many bugs as it might have, I must say, that CMMG is the ultimate expression of what CMNx2 is capable of, a compendiumn of bugfixes and new features that add to city fighting inmersion, ..well, still a lot of work to do until Stalingrad city fighting it's properly simulated,...but oh man, we are GETTING THERE, 8-10 years after CMBB!!

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Even better is this:

After downloading the CMMG module, I started playing (for the first time) Kampgruppe Engel campaign. Not only are we getting new content, but the older content is enhanced. Quite the bargain.

I love the new FOW changes (on Warrior). And the "feel" just gets better and better. As an outspoken critic when CMBN first came out (which is why, frankly, I am just now playing the initial CMBN content), but patient for the tremendous improvements, it has been a spectacular joy for me Battlefront manage this series, which must be incredibly complicated under the programming hood, and not get off track.

[i compare that to another company I like, also responsive to change, who is having trouble *cough--Universalis trouble--dealing with how changes in coding can have unexpected problems when the interlocking systems are so complex.]

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I'm liking it so far and it does provide a good feel of urban mayhem. From what I've seen so far tanks no longer go rumbling through built up areas as if on a Sunday stroll. There seems to be hesitation and forbidding on part of the AI.

Haven't play a H2H where I or opponent had the opportunity to use tanks in urban area so it will be interesting to see how tank behave if you try to push them hard in a built up area.

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