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New Scenario: Assault on Base 111

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This semi-historical scenario is going to depict Al-Nusras capture of the Base of the 111th Army Regiment during December 2012 as part of the Battle of Aleppo that is currently ongoing in Syria, playable H2H or Red vs Blue AI. Map size is gonna be 2,222 x 1,993 km and i am modelling it in 1:1 scale from satelite images of actual Syrian terrain. Here is some background info:


The IRL location on stalite images (The colours are not 100% correct in this image. I used a different image of the same area for making the map):


Here is a video of the battle as it happened in real life, so you get an idea about what the terrain is gonna look like:


This what the map currently looks like in the editor (probably 95% finished):


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That woul be great. But give me another week, briefings & objectives only exist on paper currently.

Here are some more videos from inside Base 111:



2nd video shows the AA gun positions on the northern part of the map.

...and here is a (slightly biased) video that explains the operational situation around Base 111. Red lines are the font lines.

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Ok, the map is finished now. Screenshots:



The first screenshots does not show the micro foliage (like you can seem it on screenshots 2) and the textures are bad from the distance due to my low-end PC. Should look better on high-end machines.

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It is almost finished. 50% of the Red briefing still need to be done, but then it is done.

For those interested, here are more videos made by the rebels after capturing Base 111:

1) This video is shot at the eastern of the 2 AA gun positions in the northern half of the map. At 0:23 you get a great view of the nearby Sheikh SUleiman farms:

2) Here is another view of the AA guns positions in northern half of the map:

3) Inside one of the ammo bunkers in the western part of Base 111:


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I am going to upload this scenario to the repository tonight. It is finished and there are two versions available: one balanced for Red vs. Blue SP and one balanced for H2H. The H2H version is only different to the SP version in that the attacking forces have significantly more firepower, otherwise they are identical.

I will post the links here as soon as i have uloaded it.

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Files uploaded to the battlefront.com Repository are always cheked by an admin before they are made available for download, this usually take one or two days.

You will need the NATO module to play the scenario. Additionally i highly recommend using Mords Civil War mod wich can be found here:


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