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  1. If I have several triggermen together with a bunch of IEDS at the setup phase, how do I know which triggerman belongs to a certain IED?
  2. Yes indeed! Shoot me an email at schmolywar@gmail.com
  3. John Kettler; Have you seen the numerous other videos showing drones dropping 40mm? There are several and no big booms are noticed. The one shown in this thread is the exception. My eyes tell me its real. I see no faking here.
  4. It seems a bit odd to me that foxholes should be visible and therefore targetable before infantry is spotted there. Any logic behind this? Thoughts?
  5. "What the ****, Satana" - Azov battalion does a good showing........ and Simon Ostrovsky escapes death yet again....
  6. I havent received any email yet. I did receive PM though.
  7. Im in! Its rare these ever gets off the first turns though. Just my experience. PM sent. schmolywar@gmail.com
  8. Its live. The putinbots are going ape**** in the comments.
  9. Should be interesting when the full version drops.
  10. How much credence do you give this "interview"? Initially I thought he was captured and debriefed under pressure, but it seems he is actually making it on ukrainian television. When someone is open about "HQ and troops lived in separate realities" I tend to believe them. The "black as negroes" comment im not sure about, if he is making fun of the rumour or actually trying to confirm it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du-HxvAJVxo&feature=youtu.be
  11. Alright, does one actually get the "precision" option though. I do not see one.
  12. Well, I cannot get a target for it even 10 meters within any LOS from a spotter with a laser.
  13. Yes. Even at the start of a mission the spotter cannot target with "precision".
  14. I do not get the "precision" option in the artillery menu like I do with the US artillery round. Any reasons for this?
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