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  1. I want the Ukraine game more than the redux but we shall see when the day comes. And please, no complaints about how much all of this will cost.
  2. Only problem I have had is overheat shutdown. I had to clean the dust buildup off of the power supply and remove the CPU cooling fan to get the mat of dust and dog hair off of the fins.
  3. Near the bottom http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26
  4. There are two bundles, CMSF and Marines for $25 usd and Marines/Brits/NATO for $40 usd. Since you have the base game, if it is a BFC version, just get the MBN. I have Windows 8.1. I switched from my user log on to Admin log on. I right clicked the setup.exe and selected Run as Admin. I still get a popup stating the Windows has blocked it. I click more... and it allows me to run it anyway. I only have MS Security Essentials for firewall and AV.
  5. I have one name and password for the forum and a different set for the main page. I save the emails with the passwords to a folder in my email for when I can't remember them. I forgot about this thread when I installed the bundle. I unlicensed CMSF/Marines, then ran the installer. I finished and asked to the NATO license, then the Brit license, then the Marines license. Seemed to work.
  6. Exactly why I play CMBO on occasion. Warts and all, it is more fun and less stress.
  7. I went ahead and got the bundle. It is one installer that does all three modules. Even though I had Marines, it installed over it without a hitch. So far...
  8. Because of you and others that continue to provide content and support the game, people like me will buy the game and modules. That helps keep BFC alive and willing to work on the next version. Thanks for your efforts.
  9. Thanks Bil for taking the time to do these. I had read them all a couple of weeks ago and then you started adding to it. I have to figure out what I haven't read or just read it all over again. Putting things in smaller chunks is better for someone like me. I only have CMSF at this time but the tactics still apply. I just can't play the scenarios that you have created.
  10. Better to get the Euroscape mod that has all of that and more http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=108168
  11. I bought an AMD 6670 1g card and a DVI cable. Wow what a difference even at balanced settings.
  12. What modules needed? I get an error on the link.
  13. I have the CMSF + Marines bundle. I'm thinking of getting Brits and NATO. Is it any easier to install if I buy the Marines + Brits + NATO bundle or should I buy Brits and NATO separately? If I don't care to play the other countries, is it worth getting the other modules for what the Syrians have in them? Or did the Syrian stuff come in updates? Or wait for the mystery pack???
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