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  1. If I have several triggermen together with a bunch of IEDS at the setup phase, how do I know which triggerman belongs to a certain IED?
  2. John Kettler; Have you seen the numerous other videos showing drones dropping 40mm? There are several and no big booms are noticed. The one shown in this thread is the exception. My eyes tell me its real. I see no faking here.
  3. ^ People pay too much credence to symbols instead of intent. I equate the nazi and Hitler analogies to a version of Godwins law. Its tired and it gets in the way of what is really going on. Its like rebellious kids showing off for shock value. Symbols dont put people in concentration camps.
  4. Youre not REALLY that busy are ye Jason olavroda@hotmail.com
  5. Reinstalled my graphic drivers and directx version 9.0b. Closed all other programs when running cmbb, still......the problem persist... Help anyone...
  6. Error msg when connecting to opponent in a tcp/ip game..(cmbb, cmak) Unhandled exception: c0000005 At address: 00000000 This happened suddenly. ALL of our tcp/ip games had worked prior to this. This happens in both cmbb and cmak. There seems to be a correlation in size of the file here. When we start a smaller game, say 1000 pts, it runs fine until about turn 4, when the files gets progressivly bigger. On a large game, it fails at once (pinging sound, error msg) The weird thing is is that on the very same day I played a large game with my opponent and everything worked...the next game w
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