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Basic game question: firing from crewed APCs.

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I've been assuming that:

- when a team occupies a crewed vehicle, like a halftrack with a nice powerful .50cal,

- and the icon of that vehicle's weapon shows up in the *team's* sillhouettes (equip panel),

...that if I set waypoints and targets for the *vehicle* (it isn't possible for the team, because they can't have movement waypoints) (i.e. target different points at different waypoints) with the vehicle's crewed weapon, that the weapon (in the control of the team, not vehicle) will be fired. I.e. - an order given to the vehicle, will be followed by vehicle as well as passengers manning the vehicle's weapon.

Does that make sense? And if so, is that how the game works?

(...those sort of light vehicle suppressive-fire weapons ought to work like that.)

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Yeah, that's how it works, IME. If I'm executing a "coup de main descent", the halfies will probably be changing targets during the course of their charge; works fine. You can even give separate targets to the actual passengers, and the ones not crewing the ride's gun will fire at those, as they can bear, while the "ad hoc" crewman will obey the orders given to the vehicle.

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In some battles I notice when you unload an APC the mounted gun is unmanned. I found myself resorting to enlisting "volunteer drivers" to man the gun or occasionally scouts or other's to play Rambo and man the MG's.

Other battles I see that APC's have an organic 2 man grew so when you unload the squad riding the tracks the MG is still manned.

Either way you have to always be aware of the extreme vulnerability of the APC's. A lot of Purple Hearts-many of which are posthumous have been earned manning the MGs on APC's.

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