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1942 Case Blue - AAR!

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Something must be finally done with those Soviet air raids. First they were bombing our supply lines in the north, now it looks like they moved south to make life harder for von Manstein and his fellows. Our Luftwaffe forces made some reckon flights south-east of Rostov and managed to locate Red Fleet air base near Volgodonsk. After that we decided to concentrate our efforts to make sure that Soviet heavy bombers will not leave the ground again. In spite of heavy anti-aircraft fire we destroyed them! Anyway, concentration of such a numerous air forces in the area make us think that STAVKA is planning some offensive movement here too.


Apart from this Soviet partisans are becoming really insolent! This time they seized one of the cities in Central Ukraine. Next turn they will receive a lesson from our troops.


Sad news came from Africa. Rommel started to withdraw from El-Alamain towards Tunisia and he was stabbed in the back! Looks like Yankees are eager to fight. Well guess what, come and get some!


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On 16th of November the weather cleared in the centre and the Bryansk Front led by gen. Eremenko struck a Hungarian corps near Kursk. The miserable unit retreated three times before our Cossacks finished it off.


Other than that there has been a good deal of movement in the sectors of the Volkhov and Northwestern Fronts but still no major offensive operations.

After the destruction of our bomber group by the Luftwaffe, Stalin ordered a swift and decisive purge among the VVS command. Our fighters simply failed to react, when the enemy planes were wreaking havoc in our rear. Most of our units were simply grounded and this unacceptable situation looks to us more like a treason, than a mere negligence and must be severely punished! From now on all our fighter units will be conducting more aggressive CAP missions in order to protect our troop concentrations and deal crippling loses to the enemy!


Our troops advancing on the central front!


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The weather is not very friendly. Ivanov is complaining about it, but I have my reasons to complain too. Anyway, there is not much to do, when the mobility of our troops is limited. What's more, this turn we were unable use Luftwaffe anywhere. Therefore we decided to withheld any offensive actions.

Good news is that Führer decided to sent some help for the Army Group 'South':


That's right! Fast Heinz arrived to the Ostfront!


We are worried about our good friend Erwin Rommel. We haven't heard from him for a long time. Last time he sent us a postcard in July, inviting for an opera in Alexandria:


Now we're talkin, nicely done Ghost! Being it November, I doubt the Reds will try anything other than retaking Morozovsk, make them pay. Hope you got additional fighters to back up those return strikes the Red's may launch.

Yeah, tell me about it :).

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No fighting to report this last turn. Nevertheless the Red Steamroller slowly takes off. In the centre the units of the Bryansk Front are closing on Kursk:


In the north the Volkhov and Northwestern fronts approach Luga. Here the Fascists seem to be badly outnumbered and soon they will pay for the suffering and destruction of Leningrad:


Stay tuned for more - Communism is coming to town!

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More seriously, I'm wondering if the Nazis arn't concentrating reserves somewhere with the North and the Center so depleted. German factories must be working full time...

My guess is that Furher hasn't abandon his dreams of the Caucasus oilfields and the main German striking force is still concentrated in the south. From the other hand the Soviet intelligence estimates that the rebuild panzer units should be entering the fray as we speak, so the army groups Centre and North should receive the reinforcements very soon. The German front may look weak but we know that Wehrmacht is tenacious and flexible in the defence, so the fighting will be tough. Nevertheless STAVKA is confident that eventually we will chase the fascist beast all the way to it lair!

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The Bolsheviks decided to use winter to safely approach our positions around Kursk. OKH decided to push them away and sent newly formed Panzer groups to push them away. One of the Soviet armies was destroyed and the pitiful remains of the other escaped the battlefield.

We expect Soviets to attack us further in this area, in spite of the winter. Therefore OKH sends additional units to Kursk region.


Soviet forces on Leningrad front looks dangerous too. They also carefully approach positions of Army Group ‘North’. We strengthened Gen. Lindemann’s forces with a Panzer Corps.


All quiet in the southern areas of the front. The Soviets are surely gathering forces there, but we don’t know where exactly because we weren’t able to use Luftwaffe for reconnaissance due to poor weather. Next turn we will know more.


The Soviets are surely gathering forces for the upcoming 1943. In this hard moment the whole nation must double the efforts to help our brave soldiers!


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More seriously, I'm wondering if the Nazis arn't concentrating reserves somewhere with the North and the Center so depleted. German factories must be working full time...

Yes they do! In this turn I finished rebuilding the most of my casualties plus I received additional Mechanized Corps and Panzer Corps that were in German production queue since the beginning of the game.

So situation will look better for me from now on, though I really wonder whether the Germans need full scale offensive in the coming year. In reality Guderian advised not to attack anywhere in 1943, but rather focus on rebuilding Panzerwaffe potential and strenght. Stupid Hitler didn't listen to the voice of reason and none of the wimps in OKW have guts to oppose him, therefore they planned Zitadelle, which turned out to be the beginning of the end. I don't want to repeat their mistakes but we'll see... ;)

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Finally the real winter has come and we are sure that the fascists are trembling in fear. No doubt that they remember our counteroffensive from the last year! This year will be no different and we will continue attacking them wherever possible!

On the Kursk front gen Zhukov has finally launched the “Operation Mercury”. Our tanks with an ample support of the newly upgraded attack air units, managed to destroy one enemy panzer corps. This loss has to be particularly painful and may throw the whole Heeresgruppe Mitte off balance. Our infantry also attacked Kursk itself but the fanatical defenders managed to hold there. Nevertheless we managed to reduce their entrenchment to zero ( down from 6 ) and we expect to capture the city next turn.


On the Leningrad front our armies have been moving forward and the enemy decided to conduct some tactical withdrawals avoiding a direct confrontation with the superior Red Army! Anyway it looks like for the moment the northern flank of Heeresgruppe Nord hangs in the air and is particularly vulnerable. It will be interesting to see what will happen there next!



Our tanks charging through the frozen steppe near Kursk!


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The loss of Tank Corps near Kursk was rather annoying than painful. The weather didn’t let our Luftwaffe eagles to patrol the sky above Army Group ‘Centre’. On the other hand the Soviet Air Forces had no problems with flying above our heads. Mr. Zhukov what kind of dirty trick is that, huh? Maybe you researched Weather-Influencing-Technology in your secret lab on the Lomonosov University in Moskau? Doesn’t matter, we knew you were a scumbag long before that.

Red Army is eagerly approaching our positions in the North and Centre, hoping to gain some advantage because of the winter. This year we are better prepared, there was no shock among our troops when -30 degree temperature came. What’s more important, unlike in 1941, our Panzerwaffe seems to be coping well with the extreme frost. Looks like our engineers (who are the best of the best, of course) managed to discover engine lubricants that do not freeze in such inhuman temperature. Though I was a bit afraid , reading through abukede’s Official Walkthrough to AOC. Losing 2000 MPPs due to winter is hardcore:


Anyway, the Soviet forces didn’t manage to capture any important cities in our defense lines, although the infantry division defending Kursk was attacked by two Tank Groups, one Mech. Corps and all of that with heavy artillery support. After the end of attack our brave soldiers started to rebuild the entrenchment. Along with the frozen ground, it won’t make it easy for the Soviets in case they want to seize the city.


In the north we attacked the Soviet army advancing towards Lugo. After losing 60% of their strength, they panicky escaped.


In the south we finally managed to recon enemy lines from the air. Well, look at that troops concentration around Kropotkin, looks very nice! It doesn’t make me feel like attacking them at all ;).



We are looking to 1943 with hope and with rising excitation. Because the victory will be ours!


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On the Leningrad front the fascist are certainly having their Red Christmas! Despite the freezing temperatures our brave troops have been advancing relentlessly, pounding hard the enemy northern flank. Our motorized unit attacked the German artillery, which withdrew after taking heavy loses. We have not forgotten the role that this particular unit played in the siege of Leningrad. Now the time has come for payback and this is just a beginning! Near Luga one enemy infantry corps was unable to hold the ground and retreated in panic after the prolonged bombardment of artillery and human wave attacks of our infantry:


The troops of our Bryansk Front have finally managed to recapture Kursk making it the first industrial city liberated by the Red Army! It used to add 8MPP to the German industrial output – it may seem like not too much, but we are quite happy anyway :) It’s worth mentioning here, that the fighting for the city was particularly fierce. We have gathered an ample evidence, that a Waffen SS Kampfgruppe, high on so called “Panzer Chcolate” or “Hermann-Göring-Pillen”, was sent to boost the defences of the Festung Kursk.


Our intelligence is quite confused by the news about the latest inventions of the German engineers. We are going to say it only once but we have to stress it:

-careful boys with them lubricants!


Our soldiers are restoring the Soviet rule in Kursk:


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I’m not sure what sort of information Ivanov received about Kursk defenders, but I am certain there is no Kampfgruppe Chocolate around, in fact such Kampfgruppe doesn’t exist at all :). Maybe Koba should make another purge within GRU, because it looks like they feed him with fairy tales…

Well, losing Kursk definitely shocked Führer and his Bavarian court, but wasn’t that surprising for OKH. The division defending the city was attacked by the whole Bryansk Front, including both Tank Groups, one mechanized corps and couple of infantry armies. No doubt it was not possible to withstand such a pressure. On the other hand, our defenses around the city remained intact. We are pretty sure we manage to maintain the current frontline until Spring when we plan to retake the city. It is impossible now due to heavy snowing and frost.

No changes on the two other theatres of war, therefore there won’t be any screenshots this turn.

At the end of our turn we receive a technology boost in Anti-tank defense. Around March/April 1943 the new anti-tank units should arrive on the front and Soviet Tank Groups will feel the superior German technology on their own butts!

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It’s 7th of January 1943 and our offensive in the north continues. Red Army managed to recapture Luga but most importantly our mechanized and tank units overcame a weak enemy detachment in Narva. It means that the enemy left flanks has been ripped open! With the capture of Narva STAVKA has already achieved all the goals set for this winter on the Leningrad front. Let’s see if the weather allows us to achieve a little more…;)


There has been no major action on other sectors of the front. In terms of the tech we have been really lucky and thanks to the recent research breakthrough in the advanced aircraft tech, we have achieved a parity with the enemy in this important tech category. We are also expecting to advance very soon in the two other most important categories, that is infantry and tank warfare. Due to that, STAVKA is very optimistic if it comes to the expected outcome of the 1943 campaign.

The chaotic and inconsistent claims of Mr Goebbels about the panzer chocolate issue, make us believe that Fuhrer has confiscated the whole stock of it for the personal use. This at least partly explains why the German flank in Narva was left practically undefended...


Our snipers near Luga trying to infiltrate enemy positions


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It may look that the enemy is attacking us mercilessly and we don’t know how to stop them. In fact it is not how it really is. With the exception of losing Narva in the last turn, most of our actions were planned. There is no point in attacking Soviets now, because due to heavy weather such attacks won’t bring any effect, they will just lower the readiness of our units. So we let the Soviets cheer about so-called “successes” in the north and centre. For now.

Losing Narva was very unpleasant surprise for OKH, because it will be easier for Soviets to attack the Baltic States. We must not let them them do this. So we regrouped the left flank of Army Group ‘North’ and will base our defense on the Lake Peipus line. We also intend to strengthen Luftwaffe forces in this area, so that we can support our units.


Group Army ‘South’ is reorganizing its defense lines. There is no point in extending the frontline so much here. We can use those units in our offensive plans in the coming spring. It looks like this now (Ivanov, don’t look!).


Here is the proof that Führer is the greatest artist of the 20th Century. He painted his self-portrait and sent it as a gift to OKW (it was hung in the main hall). Gen. Keitel was honestly touched, he cried the whole night when he saw it. Now the painting inspires the generals in OKW for the harder work!


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The freezing weather continues to hampers our activities on most sectors of the front. Gen Konev continues to press the enemy in Estonia... Ups we should rather say Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic ( we may get arrested and sent to a labor camp in Siberia for the use of an improper terminology, that can be seen as a counter revolutionary and Trotskyist activity ).


Other than that no major activity to report but rest assured - the 1943 campaign will be totally eipc! Back to Ghost who apparently has some interesting news straight from Wolfschanze. And no, it’s not about the new fabulous, hunting outfit of Mr Hermann Göring :eek:


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The weather indeed is not helpful, neither for me, nor for my opponent. It’s April 1943 and during my turn there was some overcast, but still it is too early to start… something in a large scale ;).

Anyway , there were some events in my turn that are pretty important. First of all, after Rommel’s failure in Africa, OKW decided to strengthen our forces in Italy and Sicilia. It means that Axis Player will start to receive 30 MPPs less every turn (not sure for how long though).


The second event concerned creating of Waffen SS Panzergrenadier Corps. I said YES, of course, though I must admit that it was a hard choice. It will cost me 750 MPPs (75 MPPs every turn) and I will receive two Mechanized Corps and one Panzer Corps. If you calculate this, it becomes obvious, that if I bought those units without the event, it would cost me less, because around 600 MPPs. However I already reached a production limit for Mechanized units. Of course I could use those MPPs for other units, like Infantry Corps, but I concluded it’s always good to have more Mechanized units. And additionally, I really hope those Panzergrenadier units will be much more experienced than freshly produced ones.


Apart from this, there wasn’t major fights in my turn. The frontline has been stable for the last three months, but both players gather as much forces as possible. I can imagine what will happen when the spring rains will stop…

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The German Heeresgruppe Mitte conducted a series of seemingly suicidal attacks against our defences in Kursk and at first we have to admit that at first STAVKA was quite puzzled by this course of action. The we started to suspect that the fascists have been condicting a series of preliminary operations in order to lower our entrenchment in the city. Also, the reports of our intelligence turned out to be useful at last. They have revealed the presence of general Heinz Guderian and one additional Panzergrenadier corps near Kursk. The fact that the enemy has deployed his best panzer commander in this sector of the front, makes us to suspect that Fuhrer may be planning here one final offensive in order to regain the initiative in the east. It will be interesting to see what will happen next and whatever it will be, we may expect something totally epic!

In the meantime we have counterattacked and destroyed one enemy corps which to our surprise choose to hold the ground and didn’t withdraw despite our multiple attacks.


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This weather really upsets OKH… And Gen. von Manstein has already complained to me that his rheumatism has renewed. April should be warm and nice!

The only news in this turn come from Army Group ‘North’. Looks like the enemy withdrew from Estonia. Maybe the approach of our forces towards Luga was the reason why Ivanov transferred his Tank Group and Mech. Corps to address this threat? Or maybe they were transferred to Kursk perimeter where they spotted Gen. Guderian (or someone alike) and where we are supposed to attack in the next turn ;)? You’ll probably know in some time :cool:.


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It becomes quite obvious that the evil Germans are planning an offensive in the Kursk area. Right now, we have detected a concentration of at least three Panzer and two mechanized corps. It is well known fact that the white men can’t jump and from now on we are sure that “ze Germans” can’t perform a proper maskirovka. Thanks to that the enemy intentions in the sector of the Heeresgruppe Mitte are pretty clear to us. We are facing the biggest concentration of the enemy tanks since the war has begun and no doubt the future of this titanic struggle will be decided on the vast steppes near Kursk! We believe that only a bad weather is delaying now the impending offensive. In the meantime STAVKA wastes no time in reinforcing the defences of the Bryansk and Voronezh fronts. A series of spoiling attacks was undertaken and in one instance one panzer corps suffered 50% loses and was forced to retreat.


Finally there has been some interesting activity in the south! Fuhrer won’t be too happy because our strategic bombers are back in force! On 17th of April the operation “Hammer of Justice” has been launched and the enemy supply depots in Morozovsk, Millerovo and Rostov have been bombed. The aim of the operation is to degrade the German supply in the southern Russia and to achieve an air superiority in the theater of operations.


STAVKA promises that in order to confuse the enemy, it will continue to come up with the absurd names of it’s future operations. However we are well aware, that we will never be able to beat the most ridiculous name of all times, that is “Odyssey Dawn”. Having said this, we are open to suggestions and if you have some nice ideas, please don’t hesitate and come forward! Comrade Stalin will be more than happy.

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Looks like Ivanov invested heavily in the development of heavy bombers. I responded with investment in anti-aircraft defense and buying additional fighters units. I hope he will receive bigger damage in each attack, but I can imagine how long and weary this fight will be :). In this turn Luftwaffe raided Soviet heavy bombers units, causing some damage. However Ivanov had a great idea by placing air units in the hills or in the fortified area. I noticed that my attacks against those units are not that effective anymore.


In Kursk area we punished the enemy army trying to attack our units. It didn’t withdraw and was completely destroyed. It makes OKH sure that Soviet defense lines are very deep, because that unit didn’t have a free spot to run away :). So definitely STAVKA expects our action in Kursk area. I wonder why they are so sure about this…


In the north, there wasn’t much action in this turn.


The summer of 1943 is coming. Definitely something is going to happen. Our troops are vigilantly watching the steppes, to see the signs of coming plague…


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