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Must have scenarios, campaigns, QB map packs?

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Been away for awhile and with the release of CMFI I'm diving back in....

How bout a list of the must have user made scenarios, campaigns, and QB map packs?

Of course, now that I think about it... with the release of CMFI, it will likely be weeks before anyone see's this thread... :)



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The Outlaws is an excellent campaign, although I haven't beaten it yet. (I haven't had time, been so busy helping with CMFI and CMBN:CW ;)) Sie Kommen also looks like a good campaign, although the scale is a bit too big for my taste. If you're into Battalion-sized action, though, it looks really well made and I've heard good things about it.

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I agree! Devils' Descent (82nd's operations on the morning of D-Day) is great. The small scenario's are perfect for my taste.

thanks Field Marshal Blücher. Please make more for CMFI!! :)

Time permitting, I will. Real life+beta testing can be one heck of a combination. I do have what I think is an interesting idea, I just hope I get time to implement it. :)

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