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  1. Hey, If you have troubles with making scenarios, you could try and have a look at JonS' excellent tutorial on scenario building: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=110294
  2. And have a healthy respect for those StuG's. Not much experience of them in CM, but in Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem I held the first battlegroup of XXX Corps at Valkenswaard (i.e. the most southern sector on the map) with one single StuG IIIG. Also, in WWIIOL, I did extremely well in a StuG IIIG. So, they might not have a turret but the sloped front is a bitch to penetrate. In CM, the StuG turns very slowly, so that's your chance. Strike fast, strike hard.
  3. Surprised to see Crècy using Flaks, and in the open like that. They "somewhat" work in Close Combat for example, but in CM they are easy kills for mortars (as he will see shortly ). Btw, any chance to see an overhead shot of the map?
  4. Yup, that's it, you can see it clearly in this photo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/72/Stug_iii_helsinki.jpg EDIT: Actually, c3k might be correct!
  5. Do a google image search for 'uv map reference', you'll find a bunch of images that have numbers/letters and different colors. Just paste one of those images on top of the uniform, stick it in the Z folder and load the game. Should give you a good idea where everything is.
  6. Good luck! I've played against Crécy.. err.. three times I think in the past, so kick his butt!
  7. From what I recall from watching the movie, they were volunteer Swedes from Sweden. Think there were close to 2000 Swedish volunteers fighting on the Tali-Ihantala front.
  8. The spotting really could use some work. I remember one night mission where I ordered my troops to cross a road. American unit opened fire from the hedgerows on the other side, distance was about 5-6 meters. My unit was alive for maybe 20 seconds under fire, but they never spotted the enemy firing from just few meters away. Not even a '?' mark.
  9. Thanks Here's something that happened on the earlier turn (PBEM match): The target arc was one meter short.
  10. Completely irrelevant, but when I used to play Day of Defeat (the HL1 version, not the POS source crap), I always tapped 2-3 in the chest with the M1 Carbine. Seemed to work. Carry on.
  11. My hero! Just post the proper link like BigDog944 instructed and I'm ready to start donating organs if you ever happen to need any.
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