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Mountain Lion and CMFI

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I'd hold off upgrading to Mountain Lion. There's usually some FUBAR moments with the first version that are quickly fixed with a patch. I've been following this philosophy since System 7 and it's been good to me ;)

We honestly don't know how well CMFI will work on Mountain Lion because we've only had 2 systems to test on and NDA prevent talking about what others have experienced. We did find some serious problems with a particular aspect of the new OS and I'm pretty sure Phil just fixed it. But with such a small sample size we're really not going to know much before we release. It's too late for us to make major changes right now anyway.


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Ok, I'm an update junkie :)

Updated two systems to Mountain Lion and no problems. CM related the only thing that happened (as reported in the tech support forum) is that the start screen and the 2D UI part of the game seem to have only 256 colours (both on Macbook Air and iMac).

If you need another beta tester for CMFI... ;)

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I will hold off upgrading to Mountain Lion. I don't have to upgrade just now or for the next 4-6 weeks. That should be enough time for Apple to get the 1st patch out. Gives me time to enjoy CMFI (MAC) too!

Thanks for the advice.


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