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Editor: Seawalls and embankments

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There was some discussion in the Arnhem thread on how best to represent vertical seawalls and river embankments in CMBN. I thought I'd start a separate thread that would be more searchable in future. Please feel free to upload your own wisdom on this topic here, including screenies and links to other threads.

I need to run to a kid's party, but the attached screenies show some of my findings on this topic. They are from my Makin Atoll PTO map, but the stuff in these shots uses unmodded base game textures.

Ground tiles locked at Level 7 with "Paved 1" pavement, adjacent to Deep Ford (foreground) and Water (background). Locking the water tiles at level 7 doesn't change the height of the water but it seems to help keep the edge straight and manmade looking. I wanted the seawall to gradually give way to a beach, which is what the foreground is.


Front of the same quay. I believe having buildings in the next adjacent square helps sharpen the edge of the embankment, as the footprint of squares containing buildings is always flat. I haven't figured out how to remove that "crinkle" in the corner.



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From my La Meauffe - Le Carillon map, the watermill and weir. This uses the Cobblestone terrain type, which eliminates that "algae growth" you see above on the Pavement type. I did get some strange pointy "spires" in the pavement (foreground) as I increased height above water and combined it with right angled corners and nearby buildings.


This was an experimental screenie from a map I didn't save. As you can see, increasing the height of the land tile relative to the default water height steepens the angle of the embankment to near vertical.


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Locking the Water tiles at 5m (2 metre difference, per Pete) didn't change the angle of my Makin embankment (45deg). I suspect upping the difference to 3m would indeed increase the angle though, but that would mess up the beach grade on the rest of the map, and we can't have that :D

Running a (cobbled) road along the edge produces this funky effect, in conjunction with the adjacent buildings. It does look like some seawalls, but isn't what I'm looking for.


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I've found that running a fence or wall along the edge you want to be vertical helps a lot.

Since this is a wharf, not an esplanade, I used "gapped" Wire Fence segments. That also gives an interesting "slab" texture to the wall that I like. The fence posts look like pilings.


Kudos and thanks, JonS!

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