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New file at the Repository: Translucent Trees (2012-07-05)

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Thanks. Really helpful mod. However, I was hoping to replace the tree trunk view with this so we didn't have either completely opaque and impossible to play in woods, or tree-trunks only.

Is there some way to get this to replace the tree trunk view?

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I posted at the repos that more translucent is needed but then having played more maps it seems fine now perhaps the trees used in the maps I am playing now are different ... I can see my units a lot better when I first tried it out it was not good as it is now... maybe it was the angle of the dangle.

something i would like to see is that buildings do not become translucent when your men are inside or a enemy unit.

Once I had a guy surrender inside a building and the building did not go transparent. I kept trying to find him and kill him but then finally paid attention to the voice overs of him surrendering. All I could see was the icon in the middle of the building above the roof never saw a surrender flag.

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