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  1. Something that has been bugging me since i played Battle For Normandy that rips the fun completely out of the game is that damn timer! :mad: Just when you are to win the round, almost have that final objective in your grasp, TIME UP! Sorry, you were only giving one hour to complete this mission, WW2 is lost because you only got a hour! Is there a way to disable the timer? A trainer or something, it just keeps me out of playing this game as it should! If you are going for a realistic RTS, why add a timer, those battles we re-enact sometimes took days!
  2. So, i finally decided to get the Market Garden module, their are not allot of downloads in the MG download section, not many skins and such. So who can recommend me the best mods for MG?
  3. Yes, would love to do a Oosterbeek map, but someone really needs to help me with fixing the problem i can't seem to be able to fix!
  4. I also used a mohaa background ambience in my Normany ambience mod. It's sad actually that we don't get WW2 games anymore, MOH,Cod and BF both went the modern warfare way and since than the first person shooter world has become saturated with modern warfare first person shooters.
  5. H2H is if you wanna play against someone else. I played the map but i found that the paratroopers really are a bunch of pussies. they take a little bit of fire and already run with their tails between their legs.
  6. Ok, i'm done with this map, it just wont work! And they have enough room to get across that bridge, is there anyone who is willing to fix this for me?
  7. Sounds good, gonna try it, just a tip, add a screenshot or two of the map when submitting it, it can make someone decide to download it or not allot more. And also add a read-me file for people who don't know how to install the map.
  8. The first 'wave' of enemies is combined arms, infantry with tanks, (stug and infantry tanks), they move without any trouble across the bridge. But than some vehicles just tend to stay in the next reinforcement waves, even if they are the same vehicle as that attacked in the first wave.
  9. I have a really strange situation, i have set up my german troops to attack through various A.I plans, but than one group sits still in the setup area, its mostly only vehicles. I removed all the A.I plans and put all the troops in one plan, still some vehicles just sit around in the setup area, while the infantry of the same company moves out to its objectives! What the hell is going on?
  10. May i ask how you got palmtrees? All this map needs is the pacific theatre uniforms and some Japanese and we got a new module.
  11. Nice to see people are enjoying this simple mod, made it mostly for myself but thought, lets just release it for everyone. This mod could not have be simpler, i just used the grey smoke already available in the game. I tried modifying it myself, but when saved, it would not be used correctly by the game for some reason, even though it was saved in the same quality and preferences as the stock files.
  12. Those are houses more prominent in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, they were present in Arnhem, but not as much as in A'dam and R'dam, as you can see here, it's mostly large houses that were present around the bridge area: But that area was kinda special when it comes to dutch architecture, just like Nijmegen, it was a beautiful town but got destroyed almost to the ground during WW2. I have btw discovered the movie Theirs is the Glory, this was shot in 1945, not so long after the real battle in the ruins! With some actual soldiers who survived the battle.
  13. I had trouble with the embankment, because in real life it's a embankment were ships would load/unload their shipments. It's not really possible to recreate this in the game, here is a good example of the embankment:
  14. This is what i got so far, it was not easy trying to replicate this map to the real thing mostly because of the bridge. Here are some images from the map so far! On this last one you can see what i had to do to make sure the bridge does not sink into the terrain, had to make one tile stuck right in the air.
  15. As soon as i started working it's indeed very difficult to re-create the bridge area, mainly because the bridge goes in land where there is room under the bridge, i managed to replicate this a bit by elevating the ground after some tiles. And of course i have to use the railroad steel bridge, seeing thats the only one similar like the real bridge... And to the question why it was so devastated, during the battle for Arnhem both sides bombed the crap out of it.
  16. Seeing the Market Garden module is still far away, but we already have the Commonwealth module, i am planning to make a map based on the terrible fight that took place in Arnhem, The Netherlands during operation Market Garden, mostly situated around the battle John Frost and his men fought for the bridge, made famously in the war movie A Bridge Too Far: Nowadays, the bridge is named after John Frost: This is a very good website (mostly in dutch so will supply it in google translate) that shows allot about Market Garden but also some background information about the movie
  17. I always set them up, in defense and offense, to ambush enemy tanks from behind a building, like this: Like set them up behind a building so they view the enemy tank coming towards you in either 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock.
  18. Looking good so far, i also had the issue of the game going low res when taking screenshots, it works normally in like Fraps.
  19. I would be nice to have a certain terrain type on only like the west side of the map, would make my Omaha beach map look allot better.
  20. Rolf @ the video beginning of Sdkfz vs. Daimler where the guy get's shot dead on by the shell and keeps walking. X-D
  21. Yeah, don't know why, it's still up though, even though it seems the screenshot supplied was gone: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=2165 Btw, 366 downloads on the file and just one rate and no comment?
  22. Battlefront should hire Aris for sure for the game, they don't seem to have the time to make their models extra nice like Aris does! And don't worry about him! It's July, vacation time!
  23. *UPDATE* The ai plan was indeed the problem causing this, now it all stays in its place!
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