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Making a Scenario Pack

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Hi Al

North Africa/Middle East from 1940 to 1943 would be an interesting scenario but the ground scale might be a bit of a challenge. One of the first ever wargames I played was a surprisingly good one given the computer called Vulcan on the ZX Spectrum (later available on the PC). I think the PC version is available as freeware now.

This covered the North African campaign in Algeria and Tunisia from Nov 42 to May 43 with the 8th Army and Rommel arriving from off stage right. It had good possibilities for both Axis and Allies. The game designer was a guy called RT Smith who was later involved with the "Total War" series.



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Speaking of something not covered often in wargaming, I for one, would not mind seeing my country represented a little more.....how about the battle of the Scheldt or something Canadian? Love to see the good old Canadian first army in action!

Go Leafs!....I mean Canada!

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Ok here is the list so far of possibilities

Battle of Britain 1940

Battle for North Africa 1941-1943

Battle of El Alamein 1942

Battle of Moscow 1941 (opertaion typhoon)

Battle of Stalingrad 1942

The fall of Singapore 1942

Operation Market Garden 1944

The Battle of the Bulge 1944

The Battle of Coral Sea 1942

The Battle of Midway 1942

The Battle of Guadalcanal 1942

The Battle of the Philippine Sea 1944

The Battle of Iwo Jima 1944

The Battle of Okinawa 1945

Battle for Tunisia 1943

Norwegian Campaign 1940

Kursk 1943

Invasion of Malta 1941 (hypothetical)

Normandy 1944

Sealion 1940

Operation Felix 1941 (assault on Gibraltar) - (hypothetical)

Operation Mecury 1941 (assault on Crete)

Operation Marita 1941 (battle for Greece)

Invasion America 1946 (hypothetical)

Operation Torch 1942

Operation Barbarossa 1941

Case Blue 1942

Invasion of Burma-India 1942-1944 (hypothetical)

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How about a hypothetical Med operation built along the lines of Eric Raeder's proposed plan, "Operation Sphinx"? Beginning with the Spanish alliance and susequent attack on Gibraltar, followed by the Malta assault and finally culminating with the attack on the Suez and invasion of the ME.:)

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The mid east is on my thought list. I didnt post it because I havent decided how to do it. But I'll look that one up.

Still need some damn reports of BF1939 HvH so I can adjust the game. I found quite a few flaws playing another human.

I added quite a bit of stuff to this last update. There is an error I forgot to update the weather zones after making the med larger

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Sorry Al, it's Spring / Summer in the Coastal Bend, outdoor activities rein, but really, I'm still playing, taking notes, you've already fixed the naval bombardment factor.

I remember the Germans were at the gates of Leningrad in one game, summer of 41, and by the way, I like the density of units on the East Front, a lot more room for maneuver. Supply feels about right, a lot of good things you've accomplished, just minor wishes for the future and they're mostly opinionated.

I'll get back to you, be patient, I'm still overloaded with the 39 campaign, haven't even patched to 1.01.:(

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Just an update.

I am starting the scenario pack working on the most time intensive scenarios first. A 20m per hex corp level Barbarossa campaign. I will make a historical 1941 and a hypothetical 1942 scenario using the same map. Scenarios after that will be simpler to make.

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