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Victory Location control?

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What criteria does CMBN use to calculate who has control of a victory location at end of game? Does a VL have to be scrubbed completely clean of any enemy forces whatsoever?

I just finished a small meeting engagement QB against the AI and, at the end of the game, I had at least two (mostly full) squads and an HQ unit in the VL, while the AI only had a couple of paniced troops in the VL. Throughout the entire game, it was quite obvious that my forces were winning. By the end of the game, ALL of the AI's few remaining troops had very poor morale, and all of it's AFVs were destroyed. My forces only took minor casualties, and all of my AFVs were in good order.

Result: "Minor" Victory for me, and I was not awarded points for VL control. Huh?

Now a game against the AI is unimportant, but if this had been a tournament game I would have been disappointed.

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Well, unfortunately, that's the way it is.

I've seen this a couple of times now with PBEMs, opponents rushing troops into a VL in the last turn or two, hoping to deny the points to the other side, even if it does have a battalion of troops in the VL (ok, slight exaggeration).

Sometimes it works, sometimes it only means more casualties for the enemy.

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Does the game always end when the clock reaches zero? In my first game the clock went red and we carried on for a few turns before we agreed a cease fire?

Do I understand it that you have to have sole occupancy of the VP zone?

It depends on how the designer set it up. Some scenarios have variable timed endings, others don't.

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