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Assaulting ?

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I your opinion, what do you think is the best way to take buildings playing as Russia? The Infantry units are too small to allow 'assault' as a move option, so consequently I always take too many casualties. I've tried all that 'violence of action' B.S., and the Command and Conquer 'NoD swarm tactics' to no avail. This is no problem playing as ANA forces, but the Russians seem horribly hamstrung by their small unit size.

What works for you?

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What Erwin said. If you don't have enough heavy weapons/ammo to eliminate the enemy from outside of the building use very heavy fire to suppress the building, as the assaulting force closes in switch the supporting squads to target light. Then FAST the assaulting squad to a waypoint just next to the building with a target command inside the building and a 20 second pause. Your forces should chuck a few grenades into the building. The next waypoint will be either quick or assault into the building depending on wether you are using a full squad or a fire team.

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I finished the Early Russian campaign about 2 weeks ago in RT with very few losses. (20 KIA, 31 WIA, 8 Missing, 1 AFV lost, 6 other vehicles lost).

My experience of this campaign leads me to two conclusions about how to conduct operations with the Russian forces in this game, and the overall conclusion that the campaign wasnt tested before it was released.

If it is the campaign that is causing you problems. I.e. that you are taking too many casualties in your missions and that is bringing your score down. Then you will be pleased to know that the campaign victory conditions are often badly skewed or completely broken. I often pressed the Mujihadeen to surrender as this was the only way to actually win the mission with the skewed victory conditions, or just did enough to ensure that I got enough points for winning.

In the campaign there is also very little rest and refit for your forces even if you obtain a major victory. You often dont have enough ammunition to carry into the next mission to complete it, this is evident especially with the company mortars.

If it is just you are taking too many losses in QBs/scenarions/missions and want to improve your gameplaying skill then I suggest utilising maximum firepower of all your units to smash the building then to assault it. For tactics i would recommend advancing two units per building using assault waypoints or alternating quick waypoints with pauses with a unit in overwatch at all times. Often a lone muj will survive your preliminary suppressive fire from your IFVs or FSG or whatever and will hide and shoot your guys when you go through the door.

This leads me on to my final concluding point.

It all depends on the mission objectives! If the objective does not completely require you to clear them out of a built up area, then dont. Do what the mission requires you to do exactly, not what would be sensible. (Sounds counterintuiative right but thats what I was forced to do with the Early Campaign).

As a rule I had to force myself to not fight the mujihadeen in built up areas because I knew my advantage of ranged superiority would be negated. Even on missions where the objective attempted to force you into engaging in FIBUA - (7th and last missions particularly). I surrounded the urban area, and set up observation and identified mujihadeen either firing on me or sitting in ambush. Then destroyed them with fire from my FSG, IFVS, helicopters. Meanwhile my infantry would manoeuver into a blocking position as most missions include a pursuit of retreating elements or they would simply retreat from your fires. This often took a while. I also used my larger artillery or air assets if available to just smash any urban areas in the deployment phase, as preserving things is not usualy on the mission remit in CMA.

In short, dont do clearance if you dont have to, simply do what the mission demands. Best course of action is to force a surrender by usage of firepower on enemy command elements because it is often the only way to win in campaign mode, but also guarantees a major victory. Remember to just sit in overwatch to see what their posture is. Remember to use all your fire assets to simply just level the urban areas on your axis of advance there is no need to preserve them. The ultimate lesson in infantry tactics is to utilise more. Concentrate your forces in platoon size on one or two buildings, dont spread out.

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Has anyone else tried out the campaigns in CMA.This module seriously cries out for some love and attention.

I had fun playing all the lone scenarios but after trying out the early campaign and getting to the second scenarios,"defending the bridge'.I was kinda put off trying to win that scenario and tried and tried it.You just don't have enough ammo.So are all the scenarios campaign wise,like that.

The module has a different flavour to it,better weaponary than WW2 but not quite the Uber but fun weaponary of CMSF.Just wondering if anyone else has any recounts of playing it.I like the module just a shame,there wasn't more interest in it. ie.scenarios and the like by the modding crowd.

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