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  1. Thanks - that'll save me from trying to hunt them down.
  2. Did the Vickers-Berthier mg make it into the game? I bought the R2V module recently. I noticed it's not in the manual. Apologies if this has already been brought up but I googled it first and didn't find any threads discussing it. I started a scenario with Indian troops recently and they all seem to have Bren guns.
  3. Operations Veritable and Grenade? Veritable saw extensive use of DUKWS and Buffaloes by the Canadians in areas flooded by the Germans. Could be interesting.
  4. I agree with you on the M8, it's an excellent little armoured car. I'd add that it's also got a low profile and that the late variants that have a .50 on a ring-mount are better still.
  5. POSSIBLE SPOILERS This thread inspired me to revisit Cats Chasing Dogs last night (I played it once before as the Americans, can't remember the outcome). I thought I was doing well to start with by positioning my first 3 Pumas in an ambush position in low ground in front of the farm. As the amis began rolling up the road I realised that my positioning was poor as one of the Pumas wasn't able to receive mutual support from the other two. I managed to knock out 2 M8s and a jeep before my first 3 Pumas were whipped out. Those pesky jeeps kept making my Pumas button up. In the end I managed a draw (having lost all of my Pumas). The Stummels turned out be more effective than I'd expected them to be - the added lethality of the 75mm HEAT rounds probably helped vs the 5cm which sometimes needed two shots to KO enemy armour. I kept changing my mind about where to put my infantry guns so their contribution was nil. In hindsight I think it would have been better to use them in an indirect fire role as some of the M8s took up static positions at various points.
  6. Personally I'd be more interested in seeing the French in CMSF2 (obviously not as OPFOR).
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have the original 2.0 version of CMFI with Gustav Line at the moment and used the upgrade installer. I've raised it with BF now.
  8. I'm in the process of updating all of my CM games. I purchased the 3.0 for CMFI and installed it. Unfortunately, I keep getting an invalid licence key message when I try to activate it (using the licence key provided with the update order). Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
  9. The trouble with the Corsar vs the more modern Russian MBTs is that it's laser guided and tends to set off the target vehicle's laser warning receiver leading to smoke/evasive action.
  10. Excellent news. I wasn't sure that I could justify 're-buying' CMSF and all the modules, as much as I love the game. At that price, I certainly can. Can't wait for the release.
  11. Sounds like an installation issue. You might also notice a few other odd things in your unit data/labels. After installing 4.0 for Black Sea I had mg teams labelled as tank destroyers, units with ww2 at gun ammo etc... I fixed it by re-installing the whole game including all patches.
  12. I suppose it's possible that a battle group would be in either Poland or the Baltic prior to the Russian invasion. Not sure how long it would take to reinforce that to either brigade or division strength. Also, forgot to include the NLAW in the new equipment (wish)list.
  13. The L129A1 is the section level marksman' s rifle but although it's from a US manufacturer I don't think it's related to the M110.
  14. I've no idea whether BF are considering a future module featuring UK forces. I understand the only one that is definitely on the cards at the moment is the Marines module. However, indulging some wishful thinking for a moment, given that BS is set in 2017, I was wondering what new equipment it would make sense to include. Obviously, it's too early for the Ajax family of vehicles. Presumably we could expect to see self-propelled and shoulder-launched Starstreak for air defence. UAVs such as Watchkeeper, Desert Hawk and the MQ-9. Maybe sharpshooter rifles in infantry sections? Also, I understand that Exactor (improved Spike NLOS) has been adopted by the RA as regular equipment. Would it make sense for it to be available as an off-board asset? Finally, just as engineering vehicles like the Churchill AVRE and the Sherman Crab are now available in CM, would it make sense to have the Trojan AVRE with a working line charge and mine plow featured?
  15. Hmmm... I wasn't aware that pessimist was an offensive term. In point of fact, I agree with you that Turkey is neither likely to be included in the game nor would they be a match for Russia one to one. On the other hand, I don't think that they would be markedly more inferior to Russian forces than the Ukrainians, particularly if their best units were involved.
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