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New file at the Repository: Commonwealth Force Specific Backgrounds (2012-03-22)

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Pleased to get these--but am getting a mix of U.S. and CW backgrounds---do we need to remove any earlier Z mods like"Force-Specific Background Red" and ".......Blue "which were mods which expanded the vanilla backgrounds sets. Or is the intention to produce a mix oif all Allied backgrounds.

Thanks for any clarification

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I'm not sure exactly how these pics are named, but I submitted a similar mod which should be out today and it adds on to the photos already there, and is compatible with the "Force Specific Background Red and Blue. It adds photos instead of replacing them, so you will have a big mix and not just CW ones. There isn't a way to specify American from British or Canadian, the only choices are red and blue.

Mine has several of the same ones as this mod, but a bunch of different ones as well, so whatever floats your boat.

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@pcelt, the other blue force mod you have MAY have more pics than this one, therefore you'll get a mixture were there is no over lap...if this new mod has 11 and the other mod has 18, you'll have a difference of 7 American pics that will cycle. Best to remove the other mod if you only want CW pics.

@Ranger, that's what I usually end up doing adding on to whatever already exists...get lots of variety.


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