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Flavour Objects

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Given enough of a will and some basic skill with transparent alpha channels, you could fabricate a chute out of the haystack (draped on a bush or sumfink), and cobble together a crashed glider out of bus shelters (the wings -- sink the feet in a Shallow Ford) and small sheds (fuselage). But don't expect BFC to do that for ya.

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Let's be honest - how useful would a parachute flavour object be in a game that covers time frame from June to August, during which parachute landings happened on one night? And how many battles on that one night can you think of that happened within visual distance of the landing sites? I think most of the parachutists spent the dark hours looking for each other and their equipment and the way to the objectives, rather than fighting Germans from the moment their boots touched French soil. There were of course notable exceptions to this, but that makes it then an exception to an exception.

A 'pond' object, on the other hand, can be used anywhere.

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