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Just finished Highland Games (British Campaign)

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I just finished the British Campaign for the first time. I think I learned more during this campaign than I have the entire time I've played CMSF.

Today, my battlegroup sits along the border of Jordan enjoying a well deserved rest. I won with a Total Victory on Elite. My stats were 140 men killed, 103 wounded, 13 missing, 2 tanks lost, 28 armored vehicles lost and 6 other vehicles lost. The Red Force stats were 1,411 men killed, 694 men wounded, 547 men missing, 60 tanks lost, 107 armored vehicles lost and 75 other vehicles lost.

I had to replace Counter Attack after being handed a Major Defeat the first time through. I won all other scenarios as Total Victories except Os Sayqal - Recce (Minor Victory - I struggle with recon scenarios), Os Sayqal - Assault (Major Victory) and Dumayr Riot (Major Victory). At Courses of Action, I took the rural route. My favorite scenarios were Ambush in the Lava Fields and Ash Shaykh Miskin. I could have done with the Dumayr Riot or Sab'Abar. I loved the idea of the convoy crossing with Sab'Abar but the design was flawed which took the fun out of it. Overall, I really enjoyed the campaign. I felt that the missions gave a good amount of variety, and several were quite challenging.

As for the Brits:

I loved having the light mortar as part of the C2 units. I like how the effective range of their infantry firearms (L85) was greater than the US Army (M4). It helped. The Chally was an impressive tank which I enjoyed as much or more than the Abrams. It's ability to fire smoke was fantastic and its survivability was very, very good. The Warrior is a good IFV although maybe too susceptible to RPGs. I was thinking it was going to be like a Bradley and it felt more like a tracked Stryker. And the Scimitar is just about my favorite "new" weapon in this module. Sure, an RPG will knock it out fast but I had fun zipping around the desert with them.

I would have like to have had more Javelin teams. The ILAW is okay but nothing beats a Javelin. On that note, I much prefer to have that weapon embedded in the squad, as per the US Army, than as separate teams per the USMC and British. I would have also enjoyed more artillery and air support...but what commander hasn't said that!


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