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At Last!

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I was really beginning to think this would never happen.

Civilization developer Firaxis is making XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a re-imagination of the classic turn-based strategy game.

"Unlike 2K Marin's previously announced XCOM shooter, which sparked tempers among longtime fans for turning its back on the series' cerebral roots, this title is a full-on strategy game that puts players in command of a global anti-alien defense force," Game Informer said.

"XCOM's leader needs a worldwide perspective where threats are identified, populations reassured, and national leaders mollified - but a tactical mind is just as critical considering every shot XCOM's soldiers fire on the battlefield is under the player's turn-based control."

The Commonwealth module just got some serious competition for my time this fall. :)

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Could be interesting - there are a few private re-imaginings out there - one in particular I played a couple of years ago was pretty good as a replica.

I hope they do more with it than just make a sci-fi version of Civ like Alpha Centauri....which wasn't bad as far as sci-fi versions of Civ go! :) Mind you I haven't seen any civ since I I think.....so maybe the later ones are worth emulating??

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