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  1. Man, some people get worked up over the smallest of things. BFC will announce a date; check in on that date, if the game's out, buy it; If it's not, check in again on the revised date. In the meantime do something else. Life goes on.
  2. Quick question, my CMSF installs were about 2 & 3 computers ago and I was never able to deactivate either of them. IIRC, we had 2 installs for our license then it got locked. Will I need to get my licenses unlocked before I try to install CMSF2?
  3. Doug: http://www.multimanpublishing.com/Support/ASLASLSK/ASLOfficialDownloads/tabid/109/Default.aspx Download the classic pack, it's in there, Scenario A. Apologies to BFC if this is considered a commercial link.
  4. The artist, Peter McIntyre, was the Official War Artist of the 2NZEF, and,iirc, went out on a patrol with the LRDG. So he was painting from life.
  5. A lot of photos I've seen of the British troops at Husky, most of them are tanned from the North African sun.
  6. Is that a car radio and cd player in the top of the instrument panel?
  7. If you pull his tail, will he show his teeth?
  8. Title says it all, if you are a mac user and want to have a copy, I have one gamersgate key to give away. PM me your email, first in-first served. I got given a pc and mac key from doing a survey and since I don't have a mac, one of you guys from the dark side is welcome to it.
  9. Great game, Great UI, Awesome AI. They've also opened up the unit data so now everything is moddable. I managed to wangle a free copy of BFTB as I did the Google Earth tour but I still would have paid for it. The HTTR expansion is well worth it also IMHO.
  10. Google Xenonauts for a very classy Indie version. Currently in alpha, the ground combat is playable and I'm loving it.
  11. Damn, the frogs are having some luck at moment.A crappy ref call, 28 phases and no attempt at a droppy.Reminds me of a certain game in Cardiff..
  12. Hehe, you'd better be careful, you're starting to sound like an AB's fan. The ref in the AB v puma has been abysmal.As he was in the Samoa SA game. One of the TV commentators was hoping for an Wales win next week so this ref won't be involved in the final.
  13. Lucky Bugger.I went to the Scotland v Argentina game at the caketin a couple of weeks ago.Got wet but great game.Paid $30 for 4 beers though but luckily got an extra freebie when a can rolled down to my feet from up high.
  14. Since you're using Paint.net, i'll show you how using that and a little program called AlphaConv. Using the magic wand tool select the area you want to make transparent: Then delete the selected area: Then save as a 32-bit png: Now open up AlphaConv and drag the png file onto the AlphaConv window. note the settings for AlphaConv: Now your icon should have a transparent background: (The edges are still a bit rough, you might have to use some anti-aliasing there and I had to assign the icon to the infantry as I don't have the shilka) And that's one way yo
  15. Damn, Aris. you've gotten better over the years. I remember your CMAK ones, these are on another level entirely. Extremely well done, mate.
  16. I found something last night called AlphaConv that you can just drag a png file onto it and it will convert it into a 32-bit bmp.A blog post here explains it better than i could and gives a download link. It works really well
  17. I've only downloaded the CMA demo so I could use the Mujahideen models as Taliban in CMSF. As there is only 2 models in the demo with 2 textures, I rag-tagged them up a bit more and they look great. I might even play it one day but I don't really have an interest in the period.
  18. What PSP version are you using? I have psp8.1 and I seem to recall I couldn't save an alpha channel as its a fairly new feature of bmps. You probably can with newer versions. I'm pretty sure you can with Paint.net though if you want to download that.
  19. See - Em, Be - En. Sound's a bit like a recruiting poster, but who wants to be an En?An Oh or a Why would be much funkier.
  20. Ahh, gotcha.Thanks. For a bit there, I was imagining building roads like we do motorways in CMSF..
  21. Does this mean a terrain tile is now 1 square metre as opposed to 8m?
  22. Ah, you mean Combat Mission: Alizée Korps... .....and what a Korps it would be...
  23. Don't you mean Combat Mission: Beyoncé Overlord ?
  24. It was included in one of the patches so if you install the latest patch you should find it.
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