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Demo Scenarios


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What, no answers after almost one week?!

Well, I'm gonna take care of this.

For what I know it do is possible sooner or later demo scenarios will appear in the repository. It happened with the CMSF base scenarios so I don't see reason it couldn't happen with CMA too.

Obviously, "when" is all another matter.

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The scenarios would have to be converted to be compatible with version 1.03, otherwise they won't work. Believe me, I've tried to use them with this version and have no idea of how to make them work short of recreating them. They won't even appear on the battles list. Maybe a generous person with some extra time on their hands will take this on.

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All demo scenarios are made using the standard game, but the problem with A-stan is that it's Snowball who made all the scenarios. You'd have to ask them.

Tell me about it. All Snowball's maps look like they have never seen afghanistan at all. The BF ones are much superior, and theres sadly only like 5 of them.

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