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  1. You're welcome. There is a detailed briefing for the Red side only as that is how the mission is meant to be played. There are fewer Soviet forces on the map, but they have off-map assets in order to deal with the escaping trucks effectively. It would make a good H2H mission, with the Mujahideen player trying to get all his trucks to escape while the Soviet player does his best to destroy them. I have no idea how much time it would take to convert the mission to a H2H but like I said, feel free to do so. The original author preferred to play solo from the Red side - so that's how he designed t
  2. Yes. The original author deleted a few of his scenarios from the repository because the briefings were too story-like and is no longer active on these forums. I got permission from him to post the scenarios he removed to GameFront - three years ago. The links have been dead on GameFront for years so I posted this scenario to the repository at request of Berto. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=99470&page=6
  3. --Sound of howling wind and a coffin lid opens-- No H2H in this one. I hope I'm not wasting my time posting this, but now it will be on the Repository for good. Description: Stop the Mujahideen from getting away with the trucks from the Samti deposit. (Play as Red vs. Blue AI only) The scenario should be posted on the Repository within a couple days, watch for the link. You can edit it to make it H2H. Enjoy. --Coffin lid closes--
  4. After unpacking red thunder v100a.brz, in the folder location: sound\bullets and shells\shots I found that there are still sound files in there named for American and British weapons - but using Soviet weapon sounds, so there are some files used by the Soviets that SFX 1.2.5 is overriding. There are also some new files present for other Soviet weapons. The majority of the generic sounds included in Red Thunder are overridden by SFX 1.2.5. One file I would delete from SFX 1.2.5 is garand ping.wav and just use the default sound.
  5. Aris Dust and Smoke Mod Aris Flames Mod Aris HD Explosion Mod Aris Tank Muzzle Fire Aris Gun Muzzle Fire SFX_1.2.5 (By Stephen) Veins_skies_CMBN_v1 Veins_tracers_C
  6. Thank you all for your feedback. This afternoon I decided to reinstall CMBN and the Commonwealth Module patched to v1.11. I made a copy of the Combat Mission Battle for Normandy folder in my Battlefront folder and renamed it to Combat Mission Battle for Normandy v1.11 and created a shortcut for it on my desktop. I then applied the Upgrade 2.0 to the default game folder. Both versions can coexist on the same hard drive without any conflicts. I realize this is not practical for everyone, but it is an interim solution I did for my own purposes and I wanted to share it with everyone who would like
  7. So technically this is not a bug? I apologize to BF for my ignorance if it is not.
  8. This bug is also present in quick battles as well as campaigns and scenarios. I just did a test of two separate huge size quick battles, one with a battalion of U.S. parachute infantry, the other with a battalion of glider infantry. Some glider infantry are using the U.S. army regular skins. The parachute infantry are using their correct skins. In the Devils' Descent campaign parachute infantry are using U.S. army regular skins. :confused: BTW when I tested this I did so without any mods in the Z folder. The Airborne uniform bug was noted in the Airborne Troops & Vierville Scenario post as
  9. You need to register for the repository separately from the forum in order to download any files.
  10. Thank you for posting a preview of this scenario. I like the briefing screens and the layout of the map as well as the topic. Have a Happy New Year!
  11. After watching a few minutes of the action scenes I think I'm going to watch the entire movie even though I won't be able to understand what is being said. Excellent find.
  12. Eddie removed them because the battles were fictional and not based on historical events. They were also the first ones he created. I really enjoyed the briefings and the battles so I asked him if I could post them again so other people could give them a try. There are so few user-created battles for CMA that I wanted to make them available again to add to the choices.
  13. Hi Eddie, You're welcome, I wish the outcome had been better for me but I still had a good time playing. The AI plan was solid and the way the map was laid out made the battle more challenging. Not having motorized infantry was a logistics challenge in itself, most of the German troops counter-attacking WN 411c were in fatigued condition by the time they reached the point where they could see the trench. The American tanks also ended up dominating some parts of the battlefield after the German AT guns were destroyed/abandoned and the Marders started to run low on ammunition. The failed art
  14. You're welcome, these battles are a good place to start for playing user made content. All three were created by Eddie and are very challenging with excellent map design. Thanks for letting us know what your results were downloading with a different browser. I use Opera 32-bit, but I think IE seems like the best choice for downloads from Gamefront based on your experience.
  15. I just logged out of Gamefront and was able to download with no problem. Try again, I hope the problem does not continue
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