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  1. Very close, maybe 50ft apart. Hmm...ammo guys. I only remember seeing one team between the two gun crews, but I'll need to check on that. Good call.
  2. Unfortunately, it's just the two AT guns near to each other, but the crew of one got blasted, leaving all their ammo just lying around, while the other crew are still firing away but running out
  3. If an ATG crew runs out of ammo on their own gun, can they abandon it and possess another abandoned AT (exactly the same type from another crew of the same team) that still has ammo?
  4. Makes sense, thanks. Good to know it can, nonetheless be fired from inside a building though
  5. And this was shoulder-fired? I'm just wondering because of the notorious, Japanese 'knee mortar' whose nomenclature was initially responsible for many a US Marine's femur!
  6. I will be zooming in to take a look next time, I'm in the scenario! So what actual weapon is this based on then? I'm familiar with the 2in mortar, but shoulder-fired?
  7. Ah hah. Now that is good info indeed! Thanks When you say 'modelled', you're referring to if one were to zoom in on the actual soldier?
  8. Ahh ok. I do see said units can target smoke, like any other To-Hit weapon. Alright, that explains it then. Tks guys
  9. Granted in that I see the 2in(51mm) mortars along with all attendant ammo, including HE in separate sections, which was common, but why only the smoke ammo when part of a larger section? Ok, so it is another 2in mortar then.
  10. Am playing Lonsdale Force scenario, and am seeing a mortar round depicted in the weapons field for most of the British Airborne Sections, and in the ammo section, I see approx 8 x 51mm Smoke rounds. What is this? A 51mm mortar with just some smoke rounds? Never heard of such a thing in the airborne arsenal. If a mortar, then I would presume said individual would have to be outside to fire it, right?
  11. I think that's the issue. The driver is a crewman
  12. Didn't check, but Bail out can come with morale consequences can't it? Or am just I hearkening back to ASL days?
  13. It's only one of the jeeps. The others show the usual, separate icon for the ATG crew, but perhaps, as @Freyberghas pointed out, this bunch are considered 'crew' for some strange reason. The Dismount button was available when I first opened the PBEM file, but then greyed afterwards. I did click it at that time though, so when the file comes back to me, we'll have to see if they do so. This is odd though - an ATG as a jeep crew? They're labelled as an HQ unit, but the other one is also, so why the distinction? Any insights?
  14. Scenario is M-G Lonsdale. There is a British AT gun limbered to a jeep with its crew inside, but there is no separate icon for the At and crew. During setup, I could select dismount and the ATG and crew would, indeed dismount, but now the game's started, I'm concerned, because 'Dismount' button is greyed out. I'm hoping that, once vehicle is stopped, the button will be available, and they can dismount. Hmm, update: at the beginning of my orders phase, the dismount button was available for while, and I pressed it, but is now greyed out again. Vehicle has reached its destination. Going to r
  15. Unfortunate there's no terrain-depiction, least not one that I know of.
  16. Sooo, this begs a thought - does the game not distinguish between the effects of regular smoke and WP? Coz there is an immense difference; just read testimony from anyone who's ever been on the receiving end of WP! There's a good reason why it caused a MC in ASL! If CM doesn't distinguish, then I absolutely ditto this, and we should, indeed be able to decide which 'smoke' is used!
  17. Yeh, the functioning of the crew remains the same, but I think you'll notice the morale takes a hit. Seems to me, that it drops to at least Rattled
  18. Agreed, plus my original comments were in regards to a sniper taking out a TC. That definitely has an impact on the crew in many ways!
  19. It was good to find out about the adjustable waypoints Yes, makes a big difference.
  20. Thank you sir. Good to know, along with mjkerner's suggestion to use the mouse cursor to check such terrain
  21. Ah. Well, at least not insult to injury, but still quite aggravating.
  22. That one I haven't come across (yet!), probably because I don't think I've veer used the multi-unit command, but yes, that would definitely sour one's optimism! ...and no doubt the vehicle took off leaving its former pax in infuriated dust, right! 😂
  23. Hi Ken, yeh the original items have gotten rather jumbled at this point, but thank you for sifting through to make the good points that you did: As you say, many have died from the multi-unit move command. I agree that one has to be careful, and I've quickly learnt to be cautious when ordering moves and review; however, I still think it would be a good feature for the game to have, to be able to disable that function, but there we are. I definitely like your suggestion of such barriers having a red line or some such to show that they're impassable; that would be a really good additio
  24. Well, in this particular example, it was no distance at all, barely the length of the tank, to have it just cross the 'hedge', but it turned around and headed off, like I say who knows where. At the very least, one has lost the unit for a turn. At worst, it could completely ruin the situation and not because of any incompetence on the part of the player. I think one can select the unit during the action replay phase and see the path it's going to actually follow, but that's all after-the-fact at that point! I appreciate your suggestion about checking the path with the mouse before finalizing t
  25. Hi Erwin, no not RT. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes, particularly in larger battles, one is focused om other things, and don't notice that you've accidentally issued a multi-unit order. Once the action is calculated, the only redo is to delete that turn. I've certainly taken to saving every turn before clicking the Red button!
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