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  1. Coffee *Check! Beer *Check! Wife going to Friends *Check! Edit Wife bringing kids with her *Check!
  2. @Battlefront This coming weekend? Will F&R be released before CW? Common we dying here!
  3. April...but did they mention the year..?
  4. Thank you. My drones are soooooo sloooow
  5. I two questions: 1: Is there somehow i can combat EW on maps - killing command team etc? 2: am i surrounded by A-holes? :D
  6. I dont pay with card, hope the other option PayPal was safer.
  7. Hi! I played this game for many years, but i have been occupied with CMSF, CMBN etc. I just love it and i want the last two in my CM library, but... the pros and cons with CMRT and CMFI, i need help to make a good choice for this month. Do FI have Monte Casino? Do RT have good winter maps/mods. All in all, in your opinion, would you recommend FI or RT? (i will buy both, but for this month, should i go -20c as in Sweden or should i go a hot Italian..ehrm..pizza!
  8. Ok, have some more questions. FIST II *gold bar Fire Control -II- *two silver bars Forward Observer Still going on rank + morale etc there when targeting? Fire Control is that the same as Air Controller? *edit saw that now -yes it is Air Controller
  9. Thank you! I saw the next step is patches for all the titles, and all of them are about the same in coding now or will be - i just have a huge problem with CMBS - Black Sea - it takes alot longer to save and to load. Hope that is an issue and not something that just is. Anyhow, this game this winter in the dark snowy Sweden = Hooahh!
  10. Tack så mycket min käre medspelare och forumkompanjon. Swedish *Thank you very much my dear co-gamer and forum companion" Dang! Forgot to ask, so the modules are pimped up etc but not the AI in the campaigns in Brit NATO?
  11. My influensa brain may have missed it, but did we get any timeline on British and Nato modules, are they upgraded with the new ai etc or was that to come later on - even tho we can download them now?
  12. First Mission Stoltz von Bayern, the Germans hand grenades seem way to weak. My men had a lot of grenades, one team tossed 12 against a tight group of enemy's and only one got killed, by the last grenade when it looked like it landed in his pocket. I haven´t played any more missions vith Germans yet, but this one seem have grenades nerfed. They landed at asfalt and hard, dry soil. enemy was prone, cro and standing, the only one who died was a enemy with stance cro among the low trees just near the Mosque.
  13. @Mord Can i use any of your existing Hit Decal mods for SF2 or are you at it making one? Would be awesome, i love those decals, they are very helpful.
  14. The fix for me was to get the first CMBS code from these hackerdudes at helpdesk THE AWESOME CREW at Help Desk, 2008 key, as soon as i enter ed that . VOILA!
  15. Found that and did it, and i screwed up, bought bundle upgrade by mistake and now im a case for the great ppl and Helpdesk. Got activationcode for big bundle upgrade and now i sitt and watch a -Tank shooting in the dark- screen with no more codes. If they fix it they can keep the 10$ difference between Bundle and Base game Marines. They sure earned it many times + Darn bargain that bundle if you have all modules. After xmass i cant, my wife say that anyway, really spend more cash, i kinda spoiled my kids, said my wife, and then i had to spoil my Wife toooo, she said that was totally ok, so now the kids hate me cause we going to Hawaii, and they cant bring their new custom made gaming PC´s. The wife seem quite happy, despite her expression when she watched the kids unpack min ..ehrmm..their new pc´s I feel soooo sorry for them. Maybe they can go and i can continue building min.. ehrm their pc´s in peace..hmm.. Anyone in Sweden wants a ticket, i think im about to get the flu..
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