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  1. How about one with a flamethrower? Great way to keep the kids off your yard! Drone Roast
  2. This may be fake, or it may be real.. Gun Armed Drone
  3. John, I was refering to the 120mm DU rounds being defective, was aware of the problems with the 105mm rounds. From what I have read on the machining of DU, it does not take much to cause microscopic cracks, may have been known they were bad, or may not have. Gonna search tomorrow on Google, providing my Google-Fu is up to snuff.....
  4. I remember that report from the 1990's, don't have alink now, but I seem to recall an article/report (TV news?) that the M829 DU rounds were defective, they had a chance to shatter upon impact. Argument was the test was rigged so more money would be expended..... you know, over inflate the threat. /shrug Douglas
  5. Forgive if this has been posted, but here is a video of drone dropping a round on an Iraqi M1: http://defense-watch.com/2017/01/25/video-iraqi-m1-abrams-tank-targeted-isis-drone/
  6. Thanks for the link, bookmarked for later! That is one sweet Leopard II!
  7. No, you really don't want to go there, that whole thread got a bit messy, and has been brought a couple of times since, and it sort of got messy, again. Try the internet way back machine, it may have the old forum archived. Do know about the model(s), they were, if iirc, a kit bashed flying saucer from the 1960s TV show The Invaders from Aurora with a 1/72 Panther turret glued on the bottom.
  8. Thanks John for posting, excellent videos! Just amazing.
  9. There are many out there.... http://www.tracfab.com/
  10. You all may find this interesting.... http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1885378_M60A3_vs__M109A6_Paladin__direct_fire__HE_BDA___Armor_laughs_at_FA__Pics_inside_.html&page=1
  11. Looks like a M1919 .30 machine gun, larger image here: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/53/03/68/530368219c5449d8fcfbe3517a7f98b6.jpg
  12. A book I have, Images Of War: Battle Of The Bulge states that is was artillery that knocked them out.
  13. IDF was a great game, as well as MBT. I would like to see Arab-Israeli Wars, 1948, 1967, 1973. '67 Would be interesting with Israeli M51 Super Shermans vs Jordanian M47s and M48s, or M48s vs the IS3. Good mix back then of modern (for the time) MBTs vs WW2 tanks (admittedly upgunned). North Africa would be nice, Spanish Civil War to France 1940 and the Balkans. Just my 2 Quatloos......
  14. John - If you are talking about the image I think you are, that is a still from a Japanese history documentary, at least to a couple of web sites I found it on. In other words, staged. Besides, that image is way too clean for a 19th century photo, IMHO. Just my 2 Quatloos... Doug
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