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  1. https://www.ww2aerialreconstudies.com/bulge.html Does what it says on the tin...
  2. looking over pictures of Panthers in Peiper's sector it looks none were the distinctive late variant Panthers. So my KG Pieper ToE will be mainly the "mid" variant. Duel in the Mist pg 223 mentions 8 combat ready IVs and Vs bought back from Normandy and... pg 230 mentions Bersin, (later to be part of Spitze) delivering a speech from a Panther A.
  3. Are early - mid - late production model dates defined anywhere? I.E. Panther VG Late = Jan 1945 onwards, so none of those models would have appeared with KG Peiper?
  4. I get the bridges done as early as possible in the building process because it can be tricky. This is more so for diagonal bridges. I appreciate you've probably put in a lot of effort already but I sometimes reorientate maps to mitigate against editor limitations, bridges, road curves etc. Underlying tiles can have a small effect, gravel versus grass for example. The more tiles of the same elevation around the end of the bridges, and running along the track away from the bridge, the better, but not much help when linking bridges together. Happy to email you my versions of Trois Ponts, SW Malmedy and La Gleize which may help? La Gleize has 3 bridges linked albeit east to west.
  5. Just checking if you can use the AI to "control" some troops on your own side, i.e. a group that has their own specific orders? Tried on a scenario, and it doesn't look like its possible but I thought I'd ask .
  6. I found an old photo at www.jacob.be of the paper mill. Lots of Malmedy town shots too. You are right about the development, one of the areas that has changed significantly since the war, which was why I was looking for that 1944 post battle aerial photo. Thanks for the reply.
  7. for those budding CW Scenario Designers https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bear-Marches-West-Scenarios-Wargames-ebook/dp/B0086V6KA4
  8. just like to add @Rastamon has provided me some great maps of the area, this is just finishing touches
  9. bit of a long shot, but does anyone have access to an aerial photo taken on 24th December 1944 US 30/5198. It's of SW Malmedy where Skorzeny's KG X tries to cross the Warche, against the Norwegians. I have the overlay sketch but the actual photo would allow me to take map creation to another level of accuracy. https://mikesresearch.com/2019/12/29/malmedy-1944/ gives a good account of the action.
  10. recently upgraded to Big Sur 11.1. The Mac has a Radeon Pro 580X 8GB. All working with CM titles prior to software upgrade. having an issue importing tactical maps into scenario editor. If I flip horizontal an image, once imported the image is blank. If I don't flip the image horizontally the image is ok apart from being the incorrect way round. As a workaround I've used keynote. Built map in keynote. Screenshot the map. Flip the screenshot. Dropped the inverted image back into keynote. Screenshot the inverted map in keynote. Works ok but a tad convoluted. If I try and short cut those steps I get the blank screen. Also when selecting a battle, there is no splash screen whilst the scenario loads.
  11. @Rastamon Would be very interested in your research, thanks for the offer! The area of South West of Malmedy has changed a lot since the war, probably more than most of the Peiper route. I spent sometime looking for Currey's House to model in the scenario. The closest I've found is from Jay Karamales / Reynolds YouTube video taken in 1993, 1 hour 23 minutes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zETC2h4PqZo Trying to look for an aerial photo I found reference to Nat Archives, Malmedy Map 3 US 30/5198 taken 24th December 1944. I found a resulting sketch map but finding the photo I think would help with map accuracy. A photo / detailed description of the PaperMill would help a lot too as the site has been redeveloped. At the moment my map is 1.5km (width) x 2km (depth). But I've not done any testing so it may change a little. I've rotated the map NW. This has helped with the Warche Bridge and has left me with the ability to have 2 of the most significant roads on straight sections of in game road, helping to recreate line of sight. Ave du Pont de Warche, now runs completely straight, top to bottom of my in game map to Currey's House and final section of Route de Falize to the Underpass is at 45 degrees. I used the same technique for the Stavelot map earlier in this thread. Regarding the overall TOE of the campaign, it excludes this specific battle, I've used Duel In The Mist 2, from page 205, so the KG Grenadiers/Pioneers transport has in this campaign a different look to the Mass scenario. I've renamed every tank in the campaign with number/commander, taken from Duel In The Mist 3, page 218 onwards. This excludes KG X which isn't documented in those books, so again taking advantage of your research would help, thank you.
  12. Blank master map of the area. Think I've removed all flavour objects. Haven't played CMBS for awhile as I've been busy on this, but it is my favourite, so will be interesting to use the conversion, good luck. Stavelot Master TheForger.btt
  13. Not a problem. The master version extends 2kms (3.7 kms total) further west. Would you prefer that one? To be clear no forces, objects, briefing info, objectives, setup zones?
  14. The maps my own. It features 4 times in the campaign so it takes on progressively more damage and contains more wrecks. Used a lot of pre war postcards to try and get the look of the buildings as close as possible. http://www.oldhickory30th.com was a good resource too. I'll take a look at the uniforms not really considered that.
  15. Storming Stavelot 7 Scenarios into the Rollbahn D campaign so the Germans are a little less healthy than in this standalone version but give it a run out. Only 1x AI plan at the moment in this version. Storming Stavelot.btt
  16. I have some content but it's for my first campaign compilation, Rollbahn D. I started building in March. It's based on KG Peiper. The ambition is/was to produce an historical scenario for every 6 hours or so of the KG and associated units, their advance and eventual destruction, from the 16th to Xmas. So far in the "can" I have Murky Merlscheid (Fallschirmjäger) Leaving Lanzerath (Fallshirmjager) Minen The Gap (Losheim/Scheid, Spitze) Breakthrough (Bucholz/Honsfeld) Bull-in-gen China Shop Butchers Of Baugnez (thanks for the Cafe/Hotel/Signpost mods Kohlenklau!) Storming Stavelot Trois Is A Crowd Jabos! (Cheneux) Probe At Stavelot Neufmoulin Rouge Duel In The Mist (Stoumont) Too Tight At Targnon Ster Way To Heaven (Parfondry/Stavelot) For the remaining 15x scenarios I will be using mostly maps already created... but realistically it is still going to be next autumn. I've made my own maps apart from Cheneux with some edits. Working on KG X and Y/Skorzeny's attack on Malmedy and the 82nd's first attempt on Cheneux (including using the captured Stummel) at the moment. Considering releasing some or all as individual battles and maps? Open to requests. Stick with it? Release a map or 2? Release a battle or 2? I've published 3x scenarios in the past with mixed reviews, Mission to Mass V2, CMBS Korsun 2017 and Summer In The City. I enjoy the research/creative process, you think you know stuff, then you realise you don't quite know as much as you thought you did. Bibliography: The Devils Adjutant by Michael Reynolds The Leibstandarte Map Book Part IV The Leibstandarte IV Ralf Tiemann Duel In The Mist Parts 1,2 and 3, Vosters, Weber, Haasler, Meyer, MacDougall Jochen Peiper, Patrick Agte A Time for Trumpets, Charles B MacDonald Battle of the Bulge Then and Now, Jean Paul Pallud Panzer Truppen 1943-45, Thomas Jentz Tigers in the Ardennes, Walden Ardennes the Secret War, Whiting KG Peiper:The Race to the Meuse, Cooke, Evans Battle of the Bulge: Thee 3rd Fallshirmjager Division in Action The Longest Winter, Kershaw A Tour of the Bulge Battlefields, Cavanagh Smashing Hitlers Panzers, Zaloga Ardennes 1944, Beevor And last but not least Combat Mission Community Forums
  17. Maybe a feature rather than bug. I did notice another incident with an Ami who had surrendered, with his arms a loft get shot, all a bit too realistic for a Peiper campaign. I have a wide variety of troops, green to vets with a few fanatics thrown in. About 50% of the scenarios have initially poor visibility, and all the incidents have occurred in poor visibility. Saying that I plan to reimport the units after this test run and will continue to monitor.
  18. All low calibre infantry weapons, which is why it caught my eye, thought I was seeing things. Thanks for the interest all.
  19. Fair point, early morning before first light so visibility not great. Maybe a feature rather than bug. But after 3 occasions in separate campaign scenarios I thought I'd call it out. The Pioneer HQ were vets, so experience a non issue.
  20. They had no fire orders. I let the first couple of incidents pass with the fallshirmjager but third time I thought I'd call it out.
  21. thanks, I'll drop you message the file is too big to upload here. It's happened on 3 occasions whilst testing. I do play in iron mode but never noticed being shot at by my own side Fallshrimjager and Grenadiers in earlier scenarios. This latest incident 2./Zug HQ Pioneer team start shooting at Grenadiers 1./Zug 11th Kompanie who are in a building opposite, 2nd and third floor. They are in the eastern group of German forces.
  22. I've been in the process of building a campaign for most of the year and during recent scenario testing I'm seeing incidents of friendly fire from my panzergrenadiers! CMFB, V2.03, Engine 4 MAC Catalina 10.15.7
  23. it was not designed to be overly historical or to play H2H. It was designed to try and give a flavour of the whole battle in a single scenario. Think Battle of the Bulge the Movie . Saying that I have no problem with anyone amending and republishing as a H2H scenario should they wish to do so.
  24. Appreciate the great responses, every post really useful advice. Will take all on board and see how testing pans out.
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