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  1. I'm looking for the high def uniform to fix the blurry runes. I'm trying to recover all my former mods.
  2. Okay....I'll bite. What gave you the impression it was a white supremacist group/tea party?
  3. I don't use Trophy or Arena either. In addition to the ATGMs, some CAS missiles still are being intercepted. Shtora and ERA are all I use.
  4. I still don't understand that after 7 years how modules are taking this long too come out. Battlefront should just buy a copy of Gary Gribsy's War in the East and War in the West. There's your TOE down to the rifle.
  5. I think the Romanians, Hungarians, and Finnish contributed quite a few men and resources to the war. Like the Italians, their contribution was dismal. There were many minor nations in the Western Armies and they are including Brazil in the next CMFI module. Perhaps they could just focus on a few formations. Even making them purchasable as single units/vehicles.
  6. I like the way Theatre of War handled LOS. It was quick and efficient. Perhaps simplifying the LOS/LOF could avoid a lot of the quirks of the current system and be a little bit more uniform. If it takes thousands of programming hours and tons of computing power then other options should be considered. I know there are many variables to calculate to achieve perfect, simulated LOS/LOF but this is a game. I'd like to play the game knowing some of these awkward variables won't affect my gameplay.
  7. Considering this is World War 2, I think we should measure the training that existed at the time. The US and Germans trained millions of soldiers. I don't think that the US or Germans were sending "substandard" troops to the front line. (In the case of the Germans, at least not yet). Were these formations brand new or were they integrated with veterans?
  8. Ohh, the LOD stuff he talked about. Great to hear!
  9. These unexpierenced troops are going to make this battle interesting.
  10. Are all the Germans and Americans supposed to be rated "Green"? If so, is that because the units depicted in the battle were actual fresh recruits?
  11. What are the LOS/LOF check clock timings? I think knowing those might help some of us experiment with our micromanagement skills. For instance, in relation to timing a turn around a corner? (I want them focused)
  12. It sounds to me like the tree "force field" affects more than tank shells hitting trees. This has been an issue for an extremely long time. Tanks repeatedly hitting the tree between themselves and the target. In fact, if some tank crew thinks parking their tank behind a tree is a good idea then their spotting should be atrocious. Trust me, an 88 AP shell would blow through a tree and the fragments would be extra projectiles.
  13. So maybe I misunderstood what was happening. In actuality the AI is still deciding on the groups and setup. I hope that Battlefront will continue to add or change the QB AI force selection and placement so that it utilizes AT guns, tanks, IFVs, and infantry in a more believable manner.
  14. @MarkEzra I have noticed occasionally in QB testing that sometimes the AI is ignoring my Group assignments. In those cases, it still assigns groups just not to the units I dictated.
  15. For instance, I am testing my theory on a medium probe QB with the Holland Elst Town Probe 021.btt And there are two separate forces attacking. With the scenario editor mode on I can see that A2 is attacking over an open field and A1 is attacking through the town.
  16. I checked the QB maps in the editor. If I like the plan, I will use it. Kind of ruins the fog of war, but generally you need to know what the enemy force composition is.
  17. In the QB force selection screen, I choose the AI's forces and assign each group a Group number. I just want the AI to attack or defend without a massive clutter of everything they have.
  18. If I am picking forces for a QB, should I assign specific AI groups like A1, A2, A3, etc?
  19. I used one of his maps for a CMRT scenario I made. Awesome work by what appears to be a great fellow. RIP.
  20. Thanks for the recommendations. I will check out Stepsons.
  21. I have been playing a lot of CMSF recently, especially the Red v Red campaigns by Paper Tiger, "Road to Dinas", "Hasrabit" campaigns. However, I was wondering if there were any Red v Blue campaigns?
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