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  1. I am not done reading through all the posts yet, but I have just had a helicopter knocked out in the scenario where you choose between route Tiger and Eagle I believe the scenario is called "break out" there is at least one AA vehicle in the area of OBJ Route Eagle... since all AA vehicles are part of another module (I seem to remember reading that somewhere) this might fix the issue? SRY if I am too late with this info - but as soon as I found I remembered this post and figured I'd report it right away
  2. stay and fight - it can be done with close to or no casualties! might I suggest looking at the fortress and its structures more closely? anything else I'd consider too obvious spoilers
  3. unfortunately I have to agree - I was really looking forward to it - for my AAR especially.... but it simply doesn't work for me.... furthermore I left it up to the forum-members to decide which one to take - and they all opted for the old "comic" version dunno, why it looks so much better in Bill's AAR - no idea how to get this the way he did....
  4. it isn't ready yet... it's the first test and I am writing this AAR about it it'll be the first part of 4 linked scenarios.... once we're done with the first one I am sure he'll post it
  5. thx... I've been trying to improve my skills.... getting there - slowly
  6. I'll do better than that - I'll tell him to do that himself I believe some are on the blitz too...
  7. *begin self-ad* just wanted to drop a short note, in case anyone is interested... Since there are so many really cool AARs on this forum, I decided to write an AAR for Gustav Line - being inspired by them - on a German Forum.... so if anyone is interested - the link to the AAR is here: http://www.si-games.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25993 be great to see a few people jump in and follow it - I am sure some here understand German - and if not - since I play the British most subtitles in the pics are English anyway *end self-ad* PS: the scenario/scenarios we're playing are m
  8. Leopard 2A4 and Pandur APC for me.... and a few others - all the Austrian stuff anyway
  9. sry to hear that - but jeez - took me all of 9 minutes to download it
  10. they said it would be released either with Gustav Line or close after...
  11. whatever the reason - I do agree... I would also have bought the digital pre-order the moment it had been up for purchase... - however... I can wait for a few more hours
  12. thx a lot for the update - looking forward to it!
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