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  1. I was just looking up the differences between CWIED's and RCIED's...am i right in that they're both remotely detonated by an insurgent that has LOS to the IED, which triggers it once enemy troops are within its proximity? the only difference i can make out is that a CWIED will have a wire running from the IED to the insurgent, where a RCIED has no wire and is triggered by a mobile phone or similar remote device.
  2. Thanks for explaining those and i'll have a read of that planning tutorial you posted. So on the map in the briefing where you have the TIC's- is this where we can most likely expect contact? like are these good ambush points that the Taliban will most likely use? I have added 2 Team- Troop Recce, part of 9 Fd Sqd RE to the assault group and i plan to have 9 Fd Sqn RE to lead the assault group. I thought this would be a good idea as they can mark mines, so can find the IED's but is this necessary? seeing as they're marked on the map and i can for example, clearly see the PPIED's located r
  3. That was painful to watch, even though these are the terrorists, the bad guys...they should have at least some form of basic training before going to war. Not that i want them to, but you'd think they would be better trained than that. Yea couldnt believe the one guy has an MG3.
  4. Just some things i'd like to bring to your attention regarding the snipers attached to 2 Para and the FOO/MFC and JTAC's; In the TASKORG it has one sniper team to be attached to the assault group with the other attached to the support group. Both are under B company HQ's command so i was wondering, as the sniper team assigned to the support group will have to communicate with B company HQ via radio- will this have an effect on their abilities even though they'll have 2 Para HQ with them in the support group? i thought with having 2 Para HQ attached to the support group that would a
  5. From reading the briefing and studying the tactical map and battlefield, i had a feeling you were there, in the Army. Its' so well detailed including the troops, and what got me was that i just finished watching Ross Kemp Return to Afghanistan- the episode where he goes out on Patrol with the 1 Royal Irish OMLT and the ANA south of Musa Qaleh and those very same troops are in that scenario you made. So you served in the Royal Marines? Just a few questions regarding the Into the Green scenario. In the main briefing screen, the top right map where its got the key section, does TIC st
  6. Yea i went through them and found no campaigns but i have all the scenarios. Just looked at In the Green and it looks awesome. In depth and detailed briefing, great map with actual real life forces that were there in Sangin at the time. This will be fun.
  7. After looking through the repository on the BFC site for CMSF British Forces i've just found one scenario called "Into the Green" but the only way i knew or at least suspected it was a scenario based on the recent ISAF conflict in Afghanistan was due to the title "Into the Green" referring to the green zone which in this scenario is in Sangin, Helmand Province. Exactly what i'm looking for, only i'd love for there to be a full campaign, do you know of any?
  8. I have CMSF with all modules and CM: Afghanistan. I would recommend getting both and the fact that CM:A accurately depicts the Soviet-Afghan war in the 80's. I will at some point get Black Sea and probably the WW2 ones. Can someone tell me which scenarios and campaigns there are for CMSF that are based on the ISAF war in Afghanistan against the Taliban? thanks in advance.
  9. Its ok no worries, found out. The problem i had before was my original install of CMA was on my C drive and i installed the 1.02 update on my E drive. Just messed it all up but all sorted now. Have it patched to 1.03 Whats strange that i've just noticed though is that when i launch the game it has v1.03 at the bottom of the initial menu screen, but in the data folder on the HD its stored on, it only has version 101 and 102 there.
  10. I actually know you from your great tutorials on Falcon BMS, you live in New York right? i believe from what you mentioned in a vid..i might be going there for holiday later this year or next. **** Mig 29 nails 12 o'clock...fox 3 medium notching left. 2 status?
  11. Heavy shock infantry. Rapid deployable combat brigade battalion. #Armygateswing. When its my birthday i'll buy Black Sea and shall celebrate up the Big K with this tune: Sweet son.
  12. Hi guys i just tried downloading patch v1.02 and after it downloaded and installed, when i tried to launch it, it came up with an error. In the end i had to completely uninstall and remove all files and re download and install the game. What did i do wrong? have i got to place the patch in a certain folder? thanks for any help.
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