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  1. Ok update two have just paused the game and there is now 1 hour and 55 mins left. TV station has fallen, TV crews got out of there and are hiding in an adjacent building and will remain there till help arrives, however one was killed in the TV station before he could escape. The JTAC and FO Spetznaz teams in the Southern most Consular building have been killed, the sole surviving BTR hit by an RPG and the men it carried, the Platoon HQ have been killed and their 3rd Squad are down to three men but we still hold the Consular buildings. Have successfully repelled attacks on the Governors Palace
  2. I see what you mean now just tried it out in Combing The Green Zone, was able to plot fire missions anywhere on the map and without specifying a delay they arrive pretty much straight away. But anyway...an update on your scenario "Action and Reaction" Started on this last night i took a while just in the setup phase with repositioning some units and giving first orders. After starting i played until there was 2 hrs 14 mins left (then saved and exited the game) and so far my initial forces- those being the Tribal and Sarandoy militia, and the DRA Platoon in the BTR's as well as the Spetzna
  3. I cant see any TRF's on the map how do you make them appear? i'm going to start on the scenario you sent me last night now. One thing that stands out right away is that the unit icons for the high value civilian assets are the same as those for the infantry squads which makes it difficult to be able to find them at a glance in amongst your combatants which can delay giving them orders when trying to find them and at a crucial time like when you need to get them out of a dangerous location quickly (i play in real time, though i do pause the game frequently). It would be helpful if those ci
  4. The main reason i took so many casualties was i had the infantry up front to check for enemy firing points and was worried about RPG's. This combined with a lack of suppressive fire to enable infantry to move and flank was what cost me but still didnt lose any BMP's or tanks. Bit rusty havent played for a while. How do you pre-plot fire missions? i thought you can only do this with target ref points which i dont have (and havent seen since CM1 i dont think)
  5. Didnt do well, took too many casualties but after a slow start managed to drive forward and clear the ground by reaching all the phase lines so got a draw. Plenty of arty to call on but no-one good enough really to call it in, best spotter to use is the Company HQ which has a light red cross for calling arty so not good and fire missions were taking 11 mins to start and so in the end finished with still plenty of arty to call on. How have you all done in this scenario? i'll most likely play through it again knowing some mistakes i made.
  6. Never seen this, lol those women taking on a tank with rocks and actually hitting the turret with them.
  7. I enjoyed it and will try again at some point.
  8. I play real time in Elite, with many pauses. CM does most certainly demand that you think through properly what orders you give to your forces. I have been playing these Afghan based British missions that have been mostly made by Combatintman and they're very good scenarios. IIRC when playing other missions like against the Syrians in the included scenarios or campaigns that came with the game and the modules, you can take more losses as more losses would be expected fighting a force that has tanks, armoured vehicles and can call on more mortars and arty. Having said that, i have started
  9. I see but i did still get the points for the two objectives that we initially cleared which the enemy re- infiltrated. I'm guessing the friendly bonus must have been due to my casualties. Oh dear minor defeat when i played Green 9 and now tactical defeat...think i better sharpen up my tactics. One thing i've learned is to watch out for enemy spotting mortar/arty rounds and then move my troops accordingly. I take it a tactical defeat is worse than a minor defeat?
  10. Finished it and got a Tactical Defeat which i wasnt surprised by mainly due to my casualties, finished with 24 killed and 25 wounded. A lot less than theirs but its expected that they would suffer much more casualties. It wasnt actually due to my casualties why i got the defeat though, it was mainly due to their 50 points for "Friendly Bonus". What is that? is it points awarded due to not losing a certain amount of men? they did have 128 killed and 88 wounded so surprised by that. But what else surprised me was the first two objectives we secured at the start we cleared them totally of en
  11. Yea before i last saved the game i had all of 2 Troop resupply from the APC's with 556 and UGL grenades. Thats something that can always catch you out in the longer scenarios.
  12. Well since that happened only had 2 more men wounded and have flushed out a good number of Taliban and are now preparing for an assault on Changal. Just under 2 hours left not sure if we can secure the Sluice Gates in time but i'll see, having fun with it, very good scenario and nice large map. I used loads of mortars/light guns and a few Apache strikes on a position where the Taliban were dug in along a tree line and next to them a row of buildings 2 of which got flattened by bombs dropped from F-15s. Thing is one insurgent survived inside one building that was blown to bits but got him in th
  13. Playing this scenario and have so far took quite a number of casualties with a good number killed and have only so far secured the first two initial Northern and Southern objectives (small compounds/villages). I've found the Taliban mortar fire to be deadly pin point accurate which wouldnt reflect real life, i've lost most of my men to these and just shockingly lost my whole 1 Troop HQ and 1 Troop 1 Section to a pin point mortar barrage. They had took no casualties up to this point then all of a sudden these came raining down and killed/wounded them all. Not exactly realistic the accuracy was
  14. I'm interested though i'm going away on holiday tomorrow for a week but when i get back- if the scenario you put out is ready by then i'll play it.
  15. Well just managed to load up the site so as long as it works sometimes then its no major issue...
  16. Has anyone else had this? most of the time i try to go on their website it wont connect. Only occasionally it actually connects...
  17. What i found odd was when the Taliban technicals arrived they didnt fire a single shot as my section from 4 Platoon and the RE hit them with small arms and rifle grenades, any ideas why they didnt fire? i was expecting to take casualties from that. Despite leaving the forces behind to defend the FOB according to the TASKORG i expected to take casualties due to the number of technicals and their weapons. Find it hard to believe none of them could see my men.
  18. Interesting and i can see how much work you put into the scenario. I agree with the time limits now i have to say, thanks for that.
  19. I see what you're saying, as for the withdraw button i meant that you could click this when you want to end a scenario instead of having to stick to a time limit. But yea cease fire is pretty much the same so you could press that to end a scenario for whatever reason (i.e. low on ammo, or all ground objectives have been met and dont want to pursue the remaining enemy) without worrying about how much time is left- that is if the enemy hasnt surrendered which would end the scenario itself.
  20. I see what you're saying. That said i'm at a point now in this scenario where all movement orders for the AI seem to have been executed as i'm no longer spotting any enemy on the move but even then...as the enemy are on the defensive (defending the compounds) i wouldnt expect them to be moving, i would expect them to just be laying ambushes in defensive positions (lot of irrigation ditches in this scen and the compounds themselves for good defensive terrain, providing cover) so it would be ok for there to be no time limit in this scenario imo. There was a load of Taliban spotted to the south h
  21. After so long i have got back into playing Combat Mission again and its a great sim of ground based warfare with fire support elements, all well modeled. At the moment i've been engrossed in the scenario "Into the Green" based on the recent real life conflict in Afghanistan carried out by ISAF against the Taliban to rid the country of these extremists and to install a democratic government. Its a great scenario, realistically made which depicts a typical operation carried out by British forces alongside ANA to clear compounds in Helmand province, shout out to Combatintman its been fun and had
  22. One thing that bugs me about CMSF is not knowing the exact amount of ammo troops have. For example if you click on an infantry section there will be a graph representing how much ammo of each type the section has left (from left to right: small arms, MG, rifle grenades, hand grenades) it would be much better if it just displayed an exact figure for how much ammo they have left. Also what bugs me is the ammo icons for arty and air support. I've gathered from looking at my mortars and light guns that one ammo icon represents armour penetrating ammo used for destroying armour or buildings, a
  23. Thanks it is a really good mission, i like how the forces are setup and the detailed briefing and maps. I'll carry on with this and see how i go. The support group's advance has been the slowest, mainly due to a load of Taliban seen flanking, coming from the North West. Theres' actually a group of Taliban numbering up to about 20-25 spotted moving towards FOB Alma. They briefly got fired on by PKM's at Jundi but they carried on through it. I considered moving my OMLT to ambush them, but my forces at the FOB will be able to cut them down when they're exposed on the open desert surrounding the F
  24. I've had 10 now and i counted that i start with 250 men including those that stay at FOB Alma and CP Jundi. In the briefing it states to keep casualties at a minimum with (5%) so i'm guessing i have to keep casualties below that amount. 5% of 250 is 12.5, so i guess if i take another 2 casualties then its a failure- or i've failed at that objective at least. Its too hard i'm finding to keep casualties so low. The casualties have occurred when i thought an enemy fire point was sufficiently suppressed or neutralized then i move a section or squad (for ANA) and i get a guy whacked by an AK round.
  25. Hi Combatintman, so far in the mission "Into the Green" i have taken 5 casualties, havent yet reached the first target compound and have 2:01:50 left. Clearing out irrigation ditches where there are two NAI's with a number or Taliban firing points. How does that sound so far? i'd say i'm moving at a slow pace to try and keep casualties to a minimum. Advancing slowly to contact then using suppresive fire and mortar/105 fire missions to clear firing points.
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