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  1. Once more back to the front with me. Still the same email of Nwssbronies@gmail.com , I can play pretty much any campaign from any of the SC2 games, so just send me an email and we can arrange a match.
  2. I am interested in some stratigic command. I am game for any longer scenario really.(SoE,WW1,WW2,AoC, East Africa, and so on) Most of my experience is in WW1 and some in AoD but I am also interested in trying out new scenarios in multiplayer. Contact me at Nwssbronies@gmail.com
  3. Due to the silence that is going on in the WW1 side of things, I'll join you guys in WW2. My email adress is nwssbronies@gmail.com
  4. After a very prolonged break from this game I want to try my hand at it. I have a good amount of experience, so I should be a strong challenge to anyone. 1914 Call to Arms – Breakthrough Edition 1.05(is the newest, right?) I normally play mirror matches, so I would prefer doing that. (Victory being to whoever ever achieves major victory first, or based on who surrenders first) I normally use Skype to send the files, its easy and fast, but if you prefer email I can do that too. My email adress is nwssbronies@gmail.com
  5. That was the key I was looking for, my bad for not finding them in the manual. (though, this list is good to have sitting in this topic anyway, some people(cough cough) just dont know how to look up manuals and find what they are looking for.) Thankyou.
  6. That video makes me embarrassed to watch... but we never stop learning and improving, or that is the hope at least. Wanted to say thank you for posting this here, I am glad if it helped anyone with the basics of the game. I have recently picked up assault on democracy and came here trying to figure out what the 'show turn summary' key was? I skimmed the topic but never saw this mentioned, and I consider it about as important as the 'S' key
  7. While I wont be speaking strongly one way or another I do wish to mention though that it should not be overdone with the ideas of letting HQ's control other allied troops. There is a sense of stratigic depth in having the correct HQ's for the correct tasks.(It forces you to keep your armies in order, rather then just randomly send out groups of 3 corps in directions and cause mass havok) If you are lacking the required HQ's I assume your enemy is doing something correctly in tying your HQ's down somewhere, just a thought.
  8. I know this is a simple look at the basis of the game... but maybe bring up the all mighty S key and a picture of the supply grid.(I guess I can't speak for anyone ells, but probably the most used function in the whole game for me)
  9. Not going to do him much good now is it? Great read btw, goodjob both of ya, had fun following it
  10. The reds lost this game 10 times over already... but don't tell anyone, they'll lynch me, ;p
  11. I wonder who that was, ;p But it only works once it seems, I lost more games to trying that then won. But on seriousness, great speach and I agree with it pretty much compleetly.(though i have captured Petersburg before, back then it didnt even cause NM damage to Russia(idk if it was changed, it did cause NM rise for Germans, which was interesting) Though I have seen a Germany win AFTER Ottoman, Bulgeria and Austria surrendered/withdrew. Which is why I am saying this game is a set victory for CP, unless CP decides to do something really stupid.(like lose Ottoman Capital city) Admitetly, I wo
  12. Not to burst the buble of this rather interseting game, but I must say that for whoever played many Call to Arms games before it is really easy to see that Germany has won this match without question.(Even if the Ottoman surrender this very turn it would do little at this point, their withdraw from the war is really just a setup to make Austria fall apart, and it is obviou that will never happen. And the Ottomans actully hold on for quite a long time because all those towns you capture are worth 0 NM(only the events do hits)) Still, abukede, keep fighting and go down with pride!
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