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  1. Once more back to the front with me. Still the same email of Nwssbronies@gmail.com , I can play pretty much any campaign from any of the SC2 games, so just send me an email and we can arrange a match.
  2. Ports with an enemy ship adjectent do not give off supply. The port still counts as having a value of 10(which is why you can restock your ship) but the ship itself is getting non of that supply each turn, which is why you can wear it down to 0. This rule was implemented sometime down the line(might have been with Breakthrough) so it might not be documented in the manual.(I have not checked) This is most relevant to land units who will also gain no supply from ports that are "blocked" by an enemy ship. This is to allow you to use your ships to hinder ports without having to bomb them down(which is extremely costly and time consuming).
  3. I really wish to play another game as CP and try a strong OE fleet approach before promising you can, but I do feel confident in my earlier statment that OE can overcome the russian fleet if handeld correctly and they are given the Osman. If germany does a Russia first stragey and the Ottomans break free when the war starts(maybe 3 or 4 turns to get their fleet repaired and ready first), at which point they should have a more powerful fleet then the russian. They should be hard to contain after that point and for every turn the Ottoman mines make money that is extra MPP left over they could spend on keeping their fleet ahead the russian. As for he NM lost of the Osman, I don't really consider NM a big factor in an overal game strategy, they only become relevant late in the war when things start breaking away. Not to mention that the same applies to every Russian ship damaged, and if you sink one you even get NM back. Yes Russia can build more ships then the Ottoman, they have more MPP, but if Germany and Austria is keeping them busy I don't see them investing their money into this area.
  4. I will admit that I don't have much constructive to add to this conversation(most of all in my very tired state), but I have been lurking in the topic and I really want to express this opinion becuase it surprised me so. I always thought that it was considered the obviously WORSE choice to give the OE the Dreadnaught, so if now the meta has shifted into people thinking it is the obviously better choice to give them the ship(without any balances changes to the topic), I think that speaks for a good fine balance. Same for Germany, in my mind the game keeps shifting between being German favored and then Entente favored. I believe it is German favored if the players are high skill but Entente when they are newer. I do not intent it to be snobish, but playing Entente is much easier and straight forward. Playing CP is all about pacing, you start with the weight of units and Entente has to react, if you can keep deciding where the fights happen and when, you can keep the Entete player off balance, but if you have any mayor screw up you fall on the defensive and will be crushed. If both players play a near perfect game the Entente won't be able to overtake Germany and the whole game will always be controlled by CP. As for OE being always useless, they have gotten some nerfes in the last few patches so my experience on them might be a little oudated(though the nerves are rather minor), but I have indeed seen them take Egypt in a game before, and the Russian Caucasus(though never as far as Basra, normally you take the port town and push up into the oil across the coast because without railway its awkward to defend for a Russian). Obviously they can not do a lot, but their presence alone is the value, they tie down enemy units. OE is the CP version of Itally, but while Itally can suceed at more they are also much more dangerous to have. Itally is fragile and Rome close to the border,(I have lost it to an enemy in 15 once, though that was an extremely unexpected early attack) pushing up the middle east and all the way till Ottoman NM falls apart takes at least till 17 in most cases, and Constantinople way too long if you can't come over Romania. If I had to complain about OE, it is the fact that pushing through the rest of North Afrika atfer taking Egypt seems to take way too long. I am not sure about the historical aspect of it, but I find it strange that it can take about a year to walk across Lybia alone.(the only option really is using boats for your HQ's because they walk so slow, but then your troops are screwed if he defends the important port towns with a detachment) Not sure if there is a way to fix this, or it ever should be fixed, but it does make the OE seem somewhat useless after Russia surrenders and Egypt has fallen, they are too weak to fight at a Western front but too slow to keep going in Afrika. On a note of why I always considered the Osman event a no brainer was this. Ottoman navi has potential against the Russian navi, but by the time you get it stocked up for battle(the other battleship needs to be upgraded and you probably want at least 1 sub) the Russians get too many other ships and you can't ever out arm him. If you start with an extra upgraded battleship you should have more weight then the Russian in that sea and can push out, stock up your destroyer and put in the port close to the mine, denying submarines from screwing with it. If you are careful and can avoid hitting submarines you should be able to keep the Russian on his side of the sea, keeping your mine intact and denying landing ships(making you feel a lot more secure about coastal towns) Alternatively you can stock up the Austrian fleet and force the french/british ships to be tied down against them, allowing the Ottomans to break free and either combine with Austria or simply be one of those things the Entente needs to be careful off, they have to ship a lot of corp and hq through that ocean afterall. In short, that one battleship gives the Ottoman's a whole new dimension to fight on(and even if you do not use it, the entente needs to be weary of it), and hey, their ships somehow are just as good as any other nation's ships, so at least you are not rellying on those rubish 3/3 corp. Lastly, it delays entry by 5 turns ish? The trade route is only 30 mpp(correct me if wrong) per turn, thats 150 russian MPP, I don't see it as such a big deal.(defending Caucasus is not really affected by this, the starting units there are enough.) The ship is worth about 500 mpp and Ottoman's have a much smaller MPP pool. Sorry, I ranted afteral, too tired for this.
  5. I am interested in some stratigic command. I am game for any longer scenario really.(SoE,WW1,WW2,AoC, East Africa, and so on) Most of my experience is in WW1 and some in AoD but I am also interested in trying out new scenarios in multiplayer. Contact me at Nwssbronies@gmail.com
  6. Not sure if this is the reason, but if the system works how I think it does, then the Turkey war entry indeed will have a big impact, as with its entry a lot of other nations 'surrender' to the Central Powers.(all those nations that are part of the Ottoman empire)
  7. Just a quick note that if Austria Hungeria agrees to give up Trieste(and the other territories) to Italy while NOT being in possession of Vienna, then it won't have the NM affect on them. They will still have the desertion and supply scrips hit them, but he NM damage will not happen till they retake their capital, at which point it will trigger.
  8. I don"t know if you guys still plan to change anything on this game, but for the record, any chance you could change it so it always increases the readiness(as long as you hold Belgrade), not just if a CP unit is inside Belgrade? It seems needlessly specific and the game never informs you of this. I (who has played over 20 games probably, though most before the changes to Bulgarian war entry) never knew this was a requirement. It also seems counter intuitive as you would push further down into Serbia after taking Belgrade, possibly leaving it behind. If a partisan detachment spawns every time you dont have a unit in Belgrade, then ignore this, I had not really considered if that was the reason it didn't increase.
  9. Due to the silence that is going on in the WW1 side of things, I'll join you guys in WW2. My email adress is nwssbronies@gmail.com
  10. Cities, ports, oil wells,mines,fortresses. You were correct in your assumption, but Sweden has a fortress in Lulea, where it has its mines.(border to Finland/Russia) Russia has 1 just northwest of Warsaw and one in Brest-litvosk. And besides the ones you have already mentioned, that is all of the fortresses. So yea, yay.
  11. Interesting, I'll be keeping my eyes on this. I have always considered it a honor rule that Germany had to DOW on Belgium, but of course that is not a given for everyone. Now for some self indulgent guessing, feel free to ignore if you want to: From my expectations, I think this game will come to big part down to the war in Serbia. Why? Because England will have a field day marching into the Ottoman's now(most of all with the changes the Ottoman's got in that last patch, though I have only read them, not tested them). The German's most certainly will need to send reinforcements down there, and they can't till Nish is captured and Bulgeria has joined. My warning with Russia first strategy is this: Russia tends to stick around longer then you expect it to. And unlike France it at some point becomes very inefficient to throw more troops at the front. Their important cities are simply too far away for you to reach them in a reasonable time frame, St.Petersburg is borderline impossible to capture in WW1. And while you will destroy a lot of troops and NM early on, the Russian's would lose them in due time anyway, like this you do a lot of damage early and then Russia can just avoid fights and stall for a long time. Loss of NM just is not that strong from lost cities because of how spread apart they are. As such, the question will arise, do you stop your push after taking the important border territories(Warsaw, Riga) or do you go WW2 on them and try for St.Petersburg,Moscow and whatever Stalingrad was named back then? I don't know which is better, but I always been a Western front man(or Ottoman), so of course I hold my biases. As for France, I have seen them become OP if they are avoided for too long, because you can just invest a whole year in teching Production and industry and then be an early America. Otherwise they can focus on Greece(which could screw the whole Railway to Ottoman's thing) or Help in Ottoman Territories directly. Or(though I have not done this so idk the outcome) they can take Spain and make the game extremely weird. So yea, I be curious to see how this goes, I have seen Russia first, but never a no Belgium 'Russia First' invasion.
  12. After a very prolonged break from this game I want to try my hand at it. I have a good amount of experience, so I should be a strong challenge to anyone. 1914 Call to Arms – Breakthrough Edition 1.05(is the newest, right?) I normally play mirror matches, so I would prefer doing that. (Victory being to whoever ever achieves major victory first, or based on who surrenders first) I normally use Skype to send the files, its easy and fast, but if you prefer email I can do that too. My email adress is nwssbronies@gmail.com
  13. That was the key I was looking for, my bad for not finding them in the manual. (though, this list is good to have sitting in this topic anyway, some people(cough cough) just dont know how to look up manuals and find what they are looking for.) Thankyou.
  14. That video makes me embarrassed to watch... but we never stop learning and improving, or that is the hope at least. Wanted to say thank you for posting this here, I am glad if it helped anyone with the basics of the game. I have recently picked up assault on democracy and came here trying to figure out what the 'show turn summary' key was? I skimmed the topic but never saw this mentioned, and I consider it about as important as the 'S' key
  15. Just a quick note that 'The Last Democracy' campaign has a bug where Russian units can not be restocked/operated/anything like that, on Chinese territory.
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